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Mold Inspection & Testing Boston Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts Mold Inspection | Boston Massachusetts Mold Testing

If you see or smell something out of the ordinary are a simply curious about the indoor air quality of your home or business in Massachusetts, the expert certified inspectors at MI&T are here to help. We offer unbiased air and surface mold testing Boston, MA without a conflict of interest. As the largest test only company in the nation, we take pride on the fact that our customers can trust the results we give them are the truth.

If you have recently experienced water damage or are purchasing/leasing a new piece of real estate, it is a wise decision to get a mold Inspection Boston. Wet building materials like drywall, insulation, and wood cultivate mold growth extremely quickly in the proper conditions. If a problem gets severe enough, the indoor air quality of the property can suffer and the people inside may experience health consequences. Collecting air samples will ensure that water intrusion did not lead to mold growth problems. This is the only way to determine whether or not your indoor environment has been disturbed 100%.

Boston Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Boston Mold Inspector


Jim Curran

Professional Background:

Licensed Florida Mold Assessor, InterNachi Certified Home Inspector, IAC2 Mold Certified, Micro Certified.

Certified Boston Mold Inspector, InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector, IAC2 Mold Certified, Micro Certified. BS, MBA, Home inspectors license #647

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

I was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts and plan on living here forever. I love the area and all it has to offer. I service the Boston and the southern New England area and know it very well. I understand the people here and I understand what makes New England special. I like that the people here are straightforward and honest, like myself.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?:

I get to meet new and interesting people everyday. I also like that I can provide information to help my clients so they can make good decisions in their life. Whether it be helping them find out what the source of their mold problem is and what steps they need to take to have it restored back to a habitable environment. To helping them know what is going on in the house they are looking to purchase.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it)

Last month I had a customer who could not enter the house. Every room in the house had mold in it. I was able to find out where the mold originated and document how the mold got moved around the house. Finding the source and how it cross contaminated the rest of the rooms allowed me to write a comprehensive report that provided the steps for removal. The client was so happy that she could shop around and get estimates and begin the process of having her home clean again.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?:

Clients should choose MI&T in the Boston area because I do my inspection slowly and I try to get everything covered using my tools and my experience. I don't belittle the customer and I provide easy-to-understand information. I am reliable and very knowledgeable and always have their best interest in mind.


Mold Inspection & Testing Boston Massachusetts

Unlike “free mold inspections” that are advertised by other companies. We offer Boston mold testing with both air and surface sample collection. How does it work you ask? We attach what are called spore traps to an air pump to collect air from the areas you are concerned about. Those air samples are compared to a control sample which is taken outside to see what normal levels of mold are in your area. After our appointment, we ship off all the tests taken at the location to an independent lab for analysis. They will inform us of the findings from each spore trap. We will know what species of mold and the exact amount of each type present. Surface samples are also collected with a swab or tape lift when visible growth is present as certain types of fungal growth are not easily airborne.

Having all this information at our disposal is crucial information in determining what does or does not need to be done in your home or business. We happily tell clients if levels are normal and they need no further action since we do not benefit in anyway from the removal process. For the unfortunate customers that will have to complete some sort of Boston mold removal; the samples we collect provide valuable information. Our report will be evidence that a problem exists, where the source is, and what needs to be done to fix it. A removal company will actually prefer our expertise on a the remediation process as they will not have to guess about what needs to be done.

As you can see, our service is very valuable. Most people we deal with have not dealt with an indoor mold growth problem before. Hiring an certified mold inspector independent of the mold removal process to assess your situation is your best bet to determine whether or not you need further action. We take all the guess work out and leave you with answers to the questions you had before coming to us. Representatives are standing by to get the details about your situation and schedule an appointment if requested. Call 617-286-5238 if you are in Boston, MA or a surrounding area.

Mold Inspection & Testing Boston MA

MI&T offers all of Boston MA and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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