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Welcome to the home of the largest mold inspection only company in the nation; Phoenix Mold Inspection & Testing. Offering air and surface sample collection to determine the presence and source of indoor mold growth. When hired before a mold removal, the report we provide offers a detailed protocol for what needs to be done to remedy a situation. At the very least we should be used after an Arizona mold remediation company is hired to perform a clearance test. This will ensure the company you hired carried out all the necessary steps and have in fact brought you air quality back to normal levels.

If this is the first time that you have heard or dealt with the possibility that mold is negatively impacting your home or business; you are not alone. Dealing with indoor air quality symptoms from mold like feeling sick, strange smells, or odd sights is unfamiliar territory for most people. Questions that you have are similar or the same to many we have answered in the past. Our certified inspectors have performed numerous inspections on properties with situations just like yours. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions that you may have prior, during, or after an appointment is made.

Phoenix Mold Inspection and Testing

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Kenneth A. Foster

Professional Background (Include any relevant schooling, certifications or work experience):

IAC 2 Mold Inspection Certification. ET&T Mold Remediation in Buildings Certification. RESCON Mold Remediation Residential / Commercial Certification. IAQ Certified Mold Remediate Certification. IICRC Mold Remediation Technician S 500 – S 520 Certification. IICRC Master Carpet and Flooring Installer. 3M /North Respirators Fit Test Certification. IICRC Water / Fire Damage Restoration Technician.

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

Currently servicing the entire state of Arizona. I moved to this state around six years ago. I moved from California due to the more affordable housing, cleaner air, and more opportunities life here has to offer. Although the summers here are extremely hot, most of the months here are very comfortable. The scenery here is breathtaking especially Sedona and the Flagstaff areas. A few times during the summer we experience what we call a “Monsoon” which starts with a huge wall of dust, followed by a heavy downpour with winds at over 60 mph. It is quite the sight! But overall Arizona is a great place to live, raise children, and retire in. And the vast wide-open desert with nothing around for miles is also fascinating and filled with rich history.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?

The best part about being an inspector is its not the same four walls and roof every day. Every inspection is different in its own way and presents new challenges in every inspection. Another aspect of inspecting is sort of being a detective and finding the sources of the mold issues the client has at hand. It is really rewarding when you’re able to point the client to a water damage or mold issue they never knew they had.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it)

All of the inspections I perform are all treated the same whether its evasive or non-evasive, but the most rewarding part of the inspections are creating a friendship/relationship with the client that will last for years as well as good reviews and referrals. I always leave the client knowing that they can contact me anytime for any questions or direction on any mold issues they, their friends or relatives may have. That by far is the most rewarding part of being an inspector.

An inspection however that stood out to me was when I went out to inspect a families home. They had recent water damage and were worried they might have mold inside the property. I went out and took several air quality samples, looked for areas that had high moisture levels, and any possible water damaged areas. I then found the source of their mold problem and what areas had elevated mold conditions and which did not. After the inspection I provided them with a detailed report on how to properly remediate this and went back out to perform a clearance inspection. I no longer found any mold at the property and the family was very thankful. Inspections like these are always very rewarding because you can see how relieved they are when they find out they no longer have a mold issue.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?

I am very experienced in Water / Fire / Mold issues and feel my experience will give the client a thorough and accurate inspection. I’ve always had the train of thought that the client deserves to get what they are paying for and to make sure that the inspection is conducted with the utmost professionalism.


Mold Inspection & Testing Phoenix

For anyone trying to minimize the costs of a mold remediation, mold testing Phoenix is offers just that. It may even be possible that the symptoms you are experiencing could be due to something other than mold. A mold test can also determine that the mold you see is non-toxic that you could clean by yourself. If you bring in an individual affiliated with a mold removal company, it is possible that they might not be truthful about the two situations listed above. Of course there are mold remediation companies that do operate ethically, but why would you put yourself in that situation if there is a better option out there. MI&T offers that option and can also minimize costs by specifying the exact area that needs work done. The smaller the area that needs to be contained, the smaller the bill will be.There are 2 different types of mold tests that we offer. Air samples are taken with spore traps and an air pump. These are used to take samples of air from general areas or cavities behind walls. The air samples collected inside a residence or business will be compared to an outside sample that serves as a baseline. Having a control makes our report legally binding and normal levels of mold exist in every indoor environment. Seeing what is normal for your area allows us to prove that there is indeed issues that need to be dealt with. Surface swabs or tape lifts are used when visible mold growth is present. Some species of mold are not easily airborne including the dreaded black toxic mold. That is why collecting these swabs is highly recommended as well.

Breathing in elevated levels of mold on a regular basis from living or working in a building with toxic mold growth is nothing any individual should have to experience. While it may seem like a silly topic, more and more evidence of the negative health effects of mold are coming out everyday. Symptoms are often similar to allergies not only in how it makes people feel but also because not all people are impacted equally. So do not write off someone else’s complaints simply because you do not notice the same things.

Your health and happiness is our number one priority, please call us at 623-242-2966 if you would like more specific questions about your property answered or are ready to schedule an appointment.

Mold Inspection & Testing Phoenix AZ

MI&T is proud to serve all of Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas without a conflict of interest.

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