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Mold growth, rats, and bed bugs, oh my! These are just some the problems students and staff are experiencing at a Phoenix school district

Mold growing in classrooms and rats biting students; these are just some of the problems that have been cited on a long list issues at an elementary school in Phoenix.

The report, which is 26 pages long, was generated by Simon Consulting, the receiver that is credited with handling financial woes at the Murphy Elementary School District. The school has hired the services of a pest control and extermination company to handle the pest problem.

Angela Aguilar, the mother of a student who attends Garcia Elementary said, “They’re really aggressive. The rats…” She said she thinks the school is not a safe place and that “it’s horrible.”

Two families spoke with a local news station, saying that bed bugs are also a problem.

Garcia Elementary is one of three other elementary schools in the Phoenix school district that are also being tested for black mold after it was found growing within the buildings.

The report also highlighted a budget deficit of $2.2 million that the school district faced; however, the deficit has come down since the receiver took over finances for the district. Jose Diaz, the past superintendent for the school district, was given a $12,000 bonus. Murphy Elementary school district replaced Diaz with a new superintendent.

A mother of a Garcia Elementary school student does give credit to the school district for the progress it has made. “My son’s been learning a lot, every day he comes home with something new to show his brother,” Jazmin Cardenas said.

The reports about pest infestations and black mold growth are concerning. While the school district has said that it is testing its elementary schools for the mold growth, no additional information has been provided. Black mold is toxic and exposure to it is known to cause several health problems. While those who have underlying allergies, respiratory health conditions, or weakened immune systems are the most likely to be affected by exposure to black mold, anyone can have adverse reactions.

Symptoms of black mold exposure include chest and nasal congestion, coughing, itchy eyes, irritated skin, headaches, fatigue, memory loss, and mood changes. In severe cases, mold exposure can also cause respiratory infections and organ damage.

Given the potential for severe health complications, properly treating black mold is imperative. If the students and staff are exposed to black mold in the schools, they could suffer health complications. Therefore, testing and treating the schools is vital. It’s also important to find the cause of the mold growth in order to prevent future outbreaks.

Mold Inspection & Testing is a highly reputable mold assessment company that has performed countless inspections for mold growth in public buildings throughout Phoenix. We strongly encourage the Murphy Elementary School District to arrange for regular mold testing – whether through MI&T or another credible mold testing company. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 632.242.2966.