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New York City Mold Inspection | New York City Mold Testing

People who are concerned about mold negatively impacting their indoor air quality should consider getting a New York City mold inspection. NYC and all the surrounding areas can rest easy because the MI&T offers mold testing to all of these areas whenever you need it most. When choosing a company to handle this type of inspection, you should look for a company you can trust. With locations nationwide, unmatched experience, and no conflict of interest (NO MOLD REMOVAL); that is exactly what we are!

  • Full Visual Inspection of Entire Property
  • Identification of Red Flag Areas (Excess Moisture, Water Intrusion, Visible Mold Growth)
  • 2 Air Samples: Determines Whether Elevated Mold Levels Exist or Not
  • Additional Air or Surface Sampling (Optional)
  • Lab Results from AIHA Accredited Laboratory
  • Detailed Report with Protocol For Mold Remediation (If Necessary)
  • Available as Expert Witness During Litigation
  • Excellent Customer Service

So whether you are purchasing a house, regularly feeling sick, can see physical growth, concerned about your kids, recently had water damage, or have started to notice a strange odor/smell in your home or business we can help you determine if mold is a problem or not. When you hire us, you get the expertise of a certified inspector and all their state of their art tools. You also receive a minimum of 2 air samples that are sent off to an independent laboratory for independent analysis.

New York City Mold Inspection and Testing

Your New York City Mold Inspector


Mary Perricone

Professional Background:

NY State Licensed Home Inspector, NY State Licensed Mold Assessor, NACHI Certified Professional Inspector.

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

I have lived in New York my whole life; I love the variety of people living here and the endless things to do. I especially love living near the water and spending time enjoying it. Whenever I want to relax from a long day I know exactly where to go.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?:

I like being a mold inspector because I often find hidden mold in areas people wouldn’t expect. Also, the best part is identifying the underlying cause of the mold which helps people not only solve the mold problem but improve their health and homes for the future.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it)

One inspection I remember is when I went out and tested a property that had severe water damage in the past. The clients had spent a lot of money to treat this problem without ever getting it tested. When I went out there I took several air quality samples and found there was still high levels of mold despite it being treated. It is important for clients to get it properly tested before the treatment is done to know how extensive the mold issue is, the source, and what type of mold is at the property. Once I provided them with a treatment plan they were able to give this report to a remediation company and have it finally treated properly. I am proud of my work ethic and integrity on the job. I always advise my clients based on what I would want to do if it were my own home. I try to do the best job I can for every client and answer any questions along the way.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?:

Mold is a symptom of an underlying problem. If you can find the cause of the mold, you can prevent it from coming back again and save yourself the cost of more than one expensive remediation (removal) process. As a home inspector and a mold assessor, I have additional knowledge of houses and in most cases, I can identify the underlying cause of the mold growth for my clients.


Mold Inspection & Testing New York City

The air samples collected will have the final say in whether or not your air quality is currently problematic. In cases that elevated levels of mold exist, we will take all of the information gathered by our certified inspector and create a report/protocol for mold removal New York. This will lay out exactly what needs to be done step-by-step. Most mold remediation companies actually prefer to have this to follow and will do so if you provide it to them. It helps save costs by minimizing the work that needs to be done and make sure your home or business does indeed get back to normal conditions.

We’ve helped countless people by either determining the source of a problem or simply giving people peace of mind by letting them know they do not need to be concerned about mold. We take pride in the fact that our clients can trust the information we provide them. Since we have no conflict of interest, you can be sure we have no ulterior motives when coming to inspect your home or business. In any case, a mold problem is not the end of the world. You definitely want to make sure to get rid of it, but as long as it is handled properly it will not impact your health in the future. Basically we are step one to making it seem like a problem never happened.

If you are positive that mold problem exists, know the source, how far it has spread, and have a restoration company you can trust to do only the necessary work, you might choose to forgo a pre-remediation inspection. As long as all the above are true, that is no problem. However, we do recommend that a clearance test be taken within the work area while the containment is still up and before the build back begins. Having an air sample taken will ensure that the indoor air quality has returned to normal and the job has in fact been completed properly.

Attention Hurricane Sandy Victims: It has come to our attention that there are many residents of New York that are avoiding doing proper water damage restoration. It is fantastic that there are volunteers or you are choosing to take on some of the work yourself. If your home or business has experienced water damage, removing the damage contents like wet drywall or carpet on your own is completely acceptable. However, avoiding the use of professional equipment like dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans is not. Unless you take these steps it is very likely that your home is holding moisture even though you may think it is dry. Since we are getting into the winter months, you probably won’t notice much if any problems start to arise and think you are in the clear. Once the weather starts to heat up, those who took the proper steps will be fine and those that chose to take shortcuts will most likely pay the price with lots of mold growth. Pay a little extra to get this done now or you will end up paying much more in the long when it becomes a serious problem. Call us today for an unbiased inspection and assessment of your property at 917-300-0098. We serve all of the following areas in New York and everything in between!

Mold Inspection & Testing New York City

Residents and business owners in and around New York City that are concerned about indoor mold growth can rely on MI&T for mold testing services, call (917) 300-0098 to schedule you inspection today.

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James Klein (Manhattan, NY)

I have lived in the same apartment in Manhattan for 5 years, and have never had any real issues. After the big rain storm that hit Manhattan a while back, I started to notice an odd smell in my apartment. I thought nothing of it until I started to see the paint bubbling on one wall. After a quick web search, I decided to have the area inspected for mold. The inspector from MI&T had a few tools that were able to identify high moisture levels for the wall and he recommended some testing. We collected a few samples, and came to find mold had begun to grow behind the wall. I was given a protocol of the required work that I had a different company perform. Once the work was done, I had MI&T come back out to inspect again. I was informed a few things were missed, and was able to get the remediator to finish the job correctly. The smell is now gone, and I feel comfortable in the integrity of my house again. If not for the expertise by these guys, my problem would have continued or even gotten worse.

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