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MI&T knows mold. We know how it can lurk inside walls, behind washing machines in basements, or high up in old attics. And we know that it can be unhealthy to breathe in its invisible spores that can reside in air. Residents of New York can rely on unbiased mold inspection Long Island from us to evaluate properties and to recommend a strategy to rid them of mold, when necessary.

MI&T }is an established company with a solid local reputation, holding an accreditation from the BBB. We proudly offer our clients our best every day: top notch knowledge, skilled technicians, and friendly staff. We are the most trusted name out there when it comes to mold testing Long Island.

If you live in New York and want to learn more about what we do, please read on.

The first thing that you should know is that is easier to deal with a new mold problem than an old mold problem. Home and businesses owners benefit when they quickly deal with a suspected mold problem, as it is easier and less expensive to contain and eradicate. For example, mold that has settled in to a wall of insulation can mean replacing that material.

Long Island Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection & Testing Long Island

What are the symptoms of a mold problem?

  • You may be able to see mold in your home or office. Sometimes it becomes evident when you are doing a project in your home, like redoing a floor or insulating a ceiling. If you haven’t been in your attic for a while, you may want it check it out for any visible signs of mold.
  • It is possible to have mold growing in your home where you can’t see it. There are many spaces in our homes that we cannot see, like the inside of walls, the materials that lie beneath our floors, the tight spaces where pipes travel. Sometimes you will smell this mold that is thriving in an out of the way place. Mold is said to smell like a material that is rotting or like a pair of dirty socks.
  • If you are generally healthy but start to experience a burning sensation in your eyes, or a scratchy feeling in your throat, you may be breathing in air that contains mold spores, be it at your place of business or in your home. You may feel like you are experiencing an allergy of some kind.

Is it OK if I clean up my own mold problem?

  • Cleaning up mold can be tricky. In our experience, simple molds that are not toxic and are visible, like the mold that might appear on your bathroom ceiling, are fairly easy to clean. If you take care to wear a mask to protect yourself from spores and make sure that you get rid of all of the mold.
  • There are some molds that are toxic and harmful to your health if you breathe them in. We have a testing system that identifies this kind of mold and take actions to protect ourselves. We do recommend that you leave this kind of mold removal to experts.
  • If you can smell what you believe to be mold, we know that an expert will be able to quickly ascertain if you have a mold problem and then locate said problem. Again, unless you are possessed with outstanding DYI skills, you are best off leaving this job to a Long Island mold removal company.

When should I call for a Long Island Mold Inspection?

  • If you suspect you have a mold problem; if you’ve smelled what you think is mold or have seen mold.
  • If you want to buy a home but want to make sure that it is free of mold before going forward.
  • If you simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the air you breathe daily is free of unhealthy irritants.
  • If you are about to have a child, it is wise to check out the air quality in your home, ensuring that you are not breathing in mold spores. Young children are very sensitive to mold.
  • If you have tenants, you may want to ensure that you fulfill your obligation to offer them a healthy space to live and work by having a mold evaluation done.

How do we evaluate a space?

  • When we receive a call from a home or business owner, we set up an appointment for a mold evaluation.
  • We will visit your home or work space and have a look around. We will also take away samples of your air and of any visible mold that we find.

What then?

  • We are proud to use an independent lab to evaluate our samples. This is part of our commitment to you, offering a bias-free protocol.
  • We will receive specific results from the independent laboratory.
  • With the results in hand, we compose a professional report that outlines and explains the results, as well as lay how to fix the problem.

If you could use a mold evaluation, please call {Insert Company} at {Insert telephone}.We’ll be there before you can say “Something smells funny in here.”

Mold Inspection & Testing Long Island NY

Residents and business owners in and around Long Island that are concerned about indoor mold growth can rely on MI&T for mold testing services, call (917) 300-0098 to schedule you inspection today.

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James Klein (Manhattan, NY)

I have lived in the same apartment in Manhattan for 5 years, and have never had any real issues. After the big rain storm that hit Manhattan a while back, I started to notice an odd smell in my apartment. I thought nothing of it until I started to see the paint bubbling on one wall. After a quick web search, I decided to have the area inspected for mold. The inspector from MI&T had a few tools that were able to identify high moisture levels for the wall and he recommended some testing. We collected a few samples, and came to find mold had begun to grow behind the wall. I was given a protocol of the required work that I had a different company perform. Once the work was done, I had MI&T come back out to inspect again. I was informed a few things were missed, and was able to get the remediator to finish the job correctly. The smell is now gone, and I feel comfortable in the integrity of my house again. If not for the expertise by these guys, my problem would have continued or even gotten worse.

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