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MI&T is in the business of detecting and mold testing White Plains and surrounding areas. Accredited by the BBB, we have experience in finding and characterizing all varieties of mold in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our expertise allows us to recommend a protocol for removal that will see your faith renewed in your living or working space.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that air quality fluctuates in different spaces and can cause problems if not detected and dealt with. If you’d like to know whether you have mold in your home or other property, we are able to ascertain this for you via a White Plains mold inspection.

Where is mold usually found?

Mold does not look like a substance that you’d want to have in your home, and it is not. We’ve all seen the green, furry kind of mold that appears on lovely pieces of cheddar that have been forgotten in the refrigerator. Or that appears on an orange that was left in the crisper too long.

Mold that might lie beneath a carpet or seep into a ceiling tile is likely to appear as a darkened patch, at least in the early stages of its growth.

Mold is most likely to take hold in a space that is damp and somewhat wet. A space like a neglected cupboard under a bathroom sink, or within a wall where a pipe has leaked. Or a carpet that you’ve installed in a basement room is hiding a mold problem.

As ventilation is related to the growth of mold, tight spaces like attics or carefully sealed storage closets may encourage mold growth as well.

White Plains Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection & Testing White Plains

Where are some signs of a mold problem?

  • Mold may be make itself known in a home or other building. It may seep out from a bathroom ceiling, darken the corners of ceiling tiles, or cover the floor under carpets with an unhealthy and extensive growth. If you can see mold, you know that you may have a mold problem.
  • If your home smells in ways that you’d rather it didn’t, you may have a mold problem. Some people say that mold smells like rotting compost. Others say that it is more like a hamper of socks that should have been laundered, well, a while ago.
  • You may see or smell no mold but experience the symptoms that some people suffer when exposed to it. These can include frequent and unexplained headaches, irritated eyes, noses, or throats and even difficulty breathing. Exposure to specific kinds of mold can trigger an asthma attack in some people.

We recommend that you call us if…

  • If you’ve found visible mold lurking under a carpet or a bathroom sink, or seeping out from porous ceiling tiles. If you see significant amounts of mold in your home, you may have mold that you cannot see as well.
  • If you are smelling an odor that may mean you have a mold problem; a smell like rotting compost or, dare we say, stinky socks.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, like those described above, and you have received no explanation from a doctor as to why these symptoms might be occurring.
  • If you are aware of the potential health risks associated with the presence of mold, and would like to confirm that you do not have a mold problem in your home or working space.
  • If you are putting your home or property into the real estate market for sale and would like it officially certified as mold-free.
  • If you are considering buying a cottage, a new home, or another property and want to determine that you will not inherit a mold problem with your new property.
  • If you have a young family, or are about to, and want to know if you have to worry about the presence of mold in your home. Small children are vulnerable to the ill effects of mold.

What can you expect from us?

  • A visual inspection of your home or other building. We need to look around as a first step in characterizing what may or may not be a mold problem.
  • A sample taking of the air that you are breathing. We have special equipment that allows us to take two distinct air samples.
  • A sample taking of any visible mold that is found.
  • An independent evaluation of the air and mold samples taken from your home. This evaluation will be done by an unbiased and professional laboratory.
  • A detailed report describing the kind of mold that has been identified as present in your home or workspace. Or a report that you do not have a mold problem.
  • A recommended strategy for removing the mold that has been detected.

Call us at 917-300-1218 if you own a property that needs a mold inspection White Plains.

Mold Inspection & Testing White Plains NY

Residents and business owners in and around White Plains that are concerned about indoor mold growth can rely on MI&T for mold testing services, call (917) 300-0098 to schedule you inspection today.

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James Klein (Manhattan, NY)

I have lived in the same apartment in Manhattan for 5 years, and have never had any real issues. After the big rain storm that hit Manhattan a while back, I started to notice an odd smell in my apartment. I thought nothing of it until I started to see the paint bubbling on one wall. After a quick web search, I decided to have the area inspected for mold. The inspector from MI&T had a few tools that were able to identify high moisture levels for the wall and he recommended some testing. We collected a few samples, and came to find mold had begun to grow behind the wall. I was given a protocol of the required work that I had a different company perform. Once the work was done, I had MI&T come back out to inspect again. I was informed a few things were missed, and was able to get the remediator to finish the job correctly. The smell is now gone, and I feel comfortable in the integrity of my house again. If not for the expertise by these guys, my problem would have continued or even gotten worse.

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