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MI&T is a BBB accredited mold testing company, serving New York. We are proud to offer local businesses and homeowners effective and efficient Manhattan mold inspection.

Mold comes in countless forms and can appear in your home as well. You might notice some dark spots in a dark corner in your basement or spreading out from a corner of a ceiling. Physical spaces that are subjected to excessive amounts of moisture are particularly vulnerable to a mold infestation.

If you suspect that there is mold growing in your home, it is important to deal with the issue quickly. There are various health risks attached to living in a space where mold is flourishing, including allergic reactions. Your home is vulnerable to mold if you have had a water leak or a flood, or some kind of excessive moisture settling in to your home.

What can you expect from MI&T and when should you call us?

  • If you suspect you have mold growing in your {insert city} home or business, please call (Insert Phone Number}. What are the telltale signs of the presence of mold in a building? You might feel ill while in your home or business, or notice an odd and unidentifiable smell, or have recently experienced water damage of some kind. In some cases, you may see the mold growing on wood, concrete, insulation or another surface.
  • If you are about to buy or sell real estate, a mold assessment is a good idea. There are times when mold is not visible but is present in the air as a result of mold that has been hidden in walls or in a closed area in an attic.
  • If you have no reason to expect that you may have mold present in your home, but would like a professional assessment that confirms this. This is especially important if you have young children who are more susceptible to ill effects from mold spores than adults are.
  • If you own property that you rent to others, it is advisable that you have a mold inspection done as part of due diligence in providing a space that meets all requirements of health officials.

Manhattan Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection & Testing Manhattan

What will we do on our first visit to your home or business?

  • Our friendly and professional technician will visit your home, at a time convenient for you, and evaluate the situation; using an unbiased protocol. We have specific tests that we will conduct that will tell us if you have elevated levels of mold in your home.
  • Mold spores can be present in the air in your home, though invisible to the naked eye. We will use spore traps to take 2 spore samples for testing.
  • If there is visible mold in your home, we will use swaps to take samples of it for analysis.

What will we do after we visit your home or business?

  • We will send our samples to an independent lab for testing. Any sample that is identified as mold will be categorized by name and whether it is a dangerous form or not. Molds are different from each other and some are harmless while others are not.

What is the next step, after testing?

  • If it is determined that your environment does have a mold invasion, we provide you with a complete report which details how said mold could be removed.
  • We know that dealing with your mold issue efficiently can help you to avoid the significant costs that can come from dealing with an entrenched mold problem – as in restoration costs. We will work with you to ensure you know exactly how your mold should be removed.

Mold Inspection & Testing Manhattan has established a solid reputation as a provider of accurate and professional mold assessments. We’d like you to know that…

  • We understand that you have a limited household budget. We work hard to keep our costs low so that we can offer our customers competitive and fair prices.
  • We understand that home and business owners want experienced technicians to test for mold in their homes and businesses. We have successfully identified specific molds in hundreds of homes and buildings in Manhattan.
  • We understand that finding mold in your living or working space can be stressful. Our technicians are trained to answer all the questions that you might have. We will also ensure that all of your questions are answered so that you feel secure in the knowledge that you are breathing in healthy air.
  • We understand that you lead busy lives and that you need a mold detection process that does not intrude in your daily life.

Please call Mold Inspection & Testing in Manhattan at 917-300-1218 to schedule an unbiased assessment.

Mold Inspection & Testing Manhattan NY

Residents and business owners in and around Manhattan that are concerned about indoor mold growth can rely on MI&T for mold testing services, call (917) 300-0098 to schedule you inspection today.

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James Klein (Manhattan, NY)

I have lived in the same apartment in Manhattan for 5 years, and have never had any real issues. After the big rain storm that hit Manhattan a while back, I started to notice an odd smell in my apartment. I thought nothing of it until I started to see the paint bubbling on one wall. After a quick web search, I decided to have the area inspected for mold. The inspector from MI&T had a few tools that were able to identify high moisture levels for the wall and he recommended some testing. We collected a few samples, and came to find mold had begun to grow behind the wall. I was given a protocol of the required work that I had a different company perform. Once the work was done, I had MI&T come back out to inspect again. I was informed a few things were missed, and was able to get the remediator to finish the job correctly. The smell is now gone, and I feel comfortable in the integrity of my house again. If not for the expertise by these guys, my problem would have continued or even gotten worse.

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