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This is the home of Mold Inspection & Testing Minneapolis MN. Are you here looking for a company to evaluate a property and determine whether or not a mold growth problem exists? Perhaps you already know for sure that your home or business is experiencing issues but do not know where the source of the problem is. Maybe you are just looking for peace of mind and want to know the current state of your indoor air quality. If you can identify with any of the situations above or are concerned about mold for a different reason, you have come to the right place.

Mold testing Minneapolis is done by collecting air and surface samples from the location that you request the inspection be done on. At the very least an air sample from the general air in the area of your greatest concern is taken and compared to an outside sample to see if there are “normal” or “elevated” conditions in the residence. This will say what species of mold are present and how much of each are there; certain types of mold are more toxic than others and indicators of certain problems. Others are non toxic and naturally occurring at low levels you should not be concerned about. Additional samples may be recommended when there are multiple problem areas and/or visible growth present. You have the final say in how many samples you want submitted.

Each of our customers receive the following:

  • Complete Visual Inspection to Identify Red Flag Areas – Water Intrusion, Excess Moisture, Visible Mold Growth
  • 2 Air Samples to (1 Inside/ 1 Outside) – Determines if Elevated Conditions Exist or Not
  • Option for Additional Testing Air or Surface – Helps Confirm Source, or see How Far Problem has Spread
  • Lab Results from AIHA Accredited Laboratory – Interpreted by MI&T
  • Detailed Protocol for Mold Removal (If Necessary) – Ensures no Unnecessary Work is Done
  • Unsurpassed Custer Service- Before, During, and After Inspection

Minneapolis Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Minneapolis Mold Inspector


Colter Johnson

Professional Background:

I am a certified Mold Inspector. I have 20 years of background and history in residential and commercial construction. I have done extensive remediations on both residential and commercial properties. I am also a licensed Commercial Real Estate broker. I have sold, managed, and owned Commercial Properties across the Upper Midwest. With those properties, I am the one doing the inspections. My focus with MIT Mold is to help clients locate and understand any issues in the home before taking any samples. My goal is to be an advisor more than anything. Information and understanding is of paramount importance for any client going through the process.

I like being able to help clients gain the peace of mind they are looking for. I have and will always try to go the extra mile for the client while I do my walk through. If there is a known mold issue, plumbing leak, roof leak, water intrusion, or just looking for peace of mind. I like doing what I can to help get my client to that finish line. There is no price you can put on health and Peace of Mind.


Mold Inspection & Testing Minneapolis Minnesota

Samples collected are then sent to a licensed laboratory where they examine each one and send us the results. These results will simply tell you whether or not a problem exists. Our inspector analyze the details and compile them with data collected from the inspection to create a detailed report. Some clients will simply be told that they do not have any issues and no further action is required. For those with elevated conditions, your report will have a detailed protocol for removal. We usually suggest a professional mold remediation company be hired as many of the steps require special equipment, knowledge, and materials.

Choosing to hire MI&T for a Minneapolis mold inspection is a move you will not regret. My calling us first rather than a mold removal company, you avoid the possibility of a dishonest assessment in order to get more expensive mold remediation work. Our report will make sure the least amount of work be done while making sure all the necessary steps be taken to get your indoor environment back to normal the first time, everytime. Simply put spending a little bit of extra money at the beginning can help you avoid much larger costs in the big picture of things.

If you know that you have a mold problem that requires professional restoration, know the source, and how far it has spread, you might choose to skip the inspection and go directly towards removal. As long as all of the above are true, there is nothing wrong with this. However, we highly recommend bringing MI&T or another third party inspector in for post remediation clearance testing. Air samples will be able to determine whether or not the job was completed properly. If you do not pass the clearance test, we will let the company doing the work know what else needs to be done. Most of the time they will then cover the costs for us coming out a 2nd time for clearance testing.

Having MI&T on your side during the mold remediation process is simply invaluable. Most of our clients are dealing with this sort of problem for the first time and are not sure what should be done. We are in business to give people answers to all the questions and the information necessary to make you go into the process like an expert that knows everything that does or does not need to be done. Tell us about the symptoms you are experiencing and we will be happy to offer advice or book an appointment upon request. We serve all of Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas please call us today 612-399-9001.

Mold Inspection & Testing Minneapolis MN

MI&T offers all of Minneapolis MN and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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