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Mold Inspection and Testing
Mold Inspection & Testing Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Maryland Mold Inspection | Baltimore Maryland Mold Testing

Greetings from the largest test only company in the country; Baltimore Mold Inspection and Testing is the number one service provider to the people of Maryland that are concerned about mold inside their home or business. For people in this situation, the first step should always be hiring an inspector indpendent from the remediation process. Going this route avoids any possible conflict of interest and gets you factual evidence of exactly what is happening at the property in question. If this is your first time dealing with these types of issues, you probably have many questions. Well as experts in our field we are in business to get you answers.

Lets take a closer look at exactly what is involved in a Baltimore Mold Inspection. It all starts when you make a call to us at 410-999-0992 where we can go over exactly what it is you are experiencing. If it sounds like something other than mold growth or an issue you that is a quick fix, we’ll simply offer some advice. If your case sounds like it could be a potential indoor air quailty problem, we’ll recommend you setup an appointment with the certified mold inspector in your area. In most cases we can have someone out to you within 24 hours, same day if possible, and offer next day results.

Baltimore Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Baltimore Mold Inspector


Primus Cokley

Professional Background:

Bachelor Degree in Business Management-WGU

InterNACHI Certified Home & Mold Inspector

IAC2 Certified Mold Inspector

I am a certified Home and Mold Inspector with a focus on Building Science. My goal is to help the client locate all areas of concern before collecting samples. Having worked in the mold field with concerned homeowners, parents, Property managers, landlord/tenants, I have seen a lot from roof damage, plumbing leaks, to soft spots on the walls. My goal is to find out if there is a mold issue in your home or business. If mold is present, recommend the best method for removal.

The best part of my job is the peace of mind I give clients. If I can help them feel better and find a solution, it makes me feel great once the client has been helped. Clients are concerned about water Damage and humidity issue; this may cause health concerns. A mold sample is recommended to be collected in order to identify the strain of mold.


Mold Inspection & Testing Baltimore Maryland

An inspector will look over your entire property from attic to crawlspace with his eyes, and state of the art technology. Moisture meters and thermal imagining cameras allow us to see your home or business in way that you simply cannot. This is crucial for people who are experiencing only some symptoms of a problem without any visible showing its face yet. Finding these types of problems early is your number one weapon in the fight against an expensive remediation bill.

Each inspection includes 2 air samples; one which is taken from inside near the area of greatest concern and the other is taken outside to serve as a control sample. This is done because there are normal levels of mold in every home or business. Mold grows rampantly outside, so it is only natural that some mold spores are within the air of an indoor environment. Our air samples will show whether or not a problem exists based on the mold spores with the air. Additional samples may be suggested to find out how far a problem has spread or if there are multiple areas of concern. Swab samples are used when there is visible growth present. This is suggested because some species of fungus are not easily airborne like black toxic mold. All the Maryland mold test collected are sent to an independent lab for analysis.

The lab sends test results to both us and you the client simultaneously. This will let you know right away whether or not you have elevated conditions in your home or business. For clients that do have a problem that needs to be addressed, a detailed report will be made stating all the findings from the inspection. This will include a more in depth analysis of what the lab results say and most importantly what the solution is for your problem. It may be recommended that a professional mold remediation company be hired to complete steps like hepa vacumming, removing contaminated materials, treating and sealing the area, and using an airscrubber prior to reconstruction. If this is the case you will be happy to have our outline of what needs to be done.

Hiring us will ensure that only the necessary steps are done to get your indoor air quality back to normal. We keep your mold removal costs as low as possible while making sure the job is done correctly the first time. We service all of Baltimore, MD and its surrounding areas.

Mold Inspection & Testing Baltimore MD

MI&T offers all of Baltimore MD and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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