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There are various reasons that could have brought you to the website of the leading Mold Inspection and Mold Testing company in not only San Jose, California but also the entire United States. Regardless of exactly what reason brought you here, one thing is for sure, something has you nervous that mold may be a problem in your home or business. Here is the good news; our organization operates without any conflict of interest. Since we take no part in the mold restoration process, you can be sure we are here to give you straightforward answers and won’t have to worry about trying to use scare tactics to pitch expensive repairs.

Certain indicators or common problems bring people to us on a consistent basis asking for expertise. One symptom that many people notice when having a mold problem is a musty odor or a strange smell. Some people start to worry about their indoor air quality after being sick for some time or experiencing on-going health issues; usually respiratory problems. Another reason why people come to us is they are acquiring or leasing real estate and want to make sure they are not taking over someone else’s headaches. Others choose to get mold remediation done immediately and call on us to make sure the labor was indeed completed correctly; otherwise known as a clearance test. Visible growth on clothing, furniture, and/or building material is another reason why customers choose to hire us for a San Jose mold inspection. Last but most definitely not least, is when people are simply looking for peace of mind. There may not me any particular symptoms of a mold problem, but some people want their air quality tested for peace of mind for them, their families, and/or co-workers.

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Tom Todd

Professional Background:

Certified California Mold Inspector, InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector, IAC2 Mold Certified, Micro Certified.

After graduating high school, I decided to enroll in the Naval Reserve and served from 2001-2005. There I learned a lot of the traits I continue to use on my day to day tasks like teamwork, and my focus on details. From there I became a mold remediation and water damage technician for the next 12 year until I moved to San Jose. In San Jose I became certified to perform mold inspections and have been doing that for the last 5 years while attending California College of San Diego for respiratory therapy.

I lived in San Jose when I was in the Navy for 5 years and moved back 4 years ago. I love the weather and the community here.

I enjoy being able to help people that are going through a mold or water damage situation by providing guidance and peace of mind. I am an expert in the field and know this can be a very stressful time for someone going through it for the first time or just feel overwhelmed by the situation.

I don’t recall a particular inspection; they all are so different, and the end goal is always the same. The goal is to find the problem and provide the plan of action to properly fix it. The ones that come to mind, are the cases where children are being directly affected. I enjoy helping parents with children in mold situations by giving them advice to protect their children and that is the most rewarding aspect of my job since children are very important to our future.

I have worked in the industry for over 15 years and have seen all the possible situations that can cause a mold problem. I can help guide my clients in the right direction.

Mold Inspection & Testing San Jose

While there will never be two properties that have precisely the same problem, you can be sure that our knowledgable assesors have come across situations that are very similar to yours numerous times. Here at Mold Inspection and Testing, we only employ the most qualified inspectors and equip them with state of the art technology to make sure we figure out exactly what is going on at the site of the mold inspection San Jose. The most valuable tool that our assessors have is a thermal imaging camera. This piece of equipment can look at a structure in a way that the naked eye simply cannot. Since early detection is your best defense against avoiding high-priced remediation bills, having this at our disposal is a great advantage in the fight against mold. You can be sure that if there are any spaces where moisture is starting to seep in or mold is starting to grow, we will pinpoint it.

San Jose mold testing is how we get tangible evidence that backs our declarations of what is going in your home or business. There are standard levels of mold in every indoor environment. Air sampling is done by comparing one or more samples taken from inside to an outside sample that serves as a control and sets a baseline for what is acceptable. Whenever any visible growth is found, we will recommend that a surface sample is gathered. Matching up the species of mold in the air with the physical sample will suggest that we have found the source of a issue. Surface samples are also important for another reason. Certain types of harmful mold like black toxic mold are not always airborne, so it is important to find out for sure exactly what that possible growth is.

Residents and business owners should know that MI&T is the most trusted mold inspection in the country We have built a reputation for being one of the few test only companies around. We recognize that unless you have dealt with these troubles in the past, you are uncertain of what steps to take. Helping people just like yourself and getting answers to the questions you have is exactly why we are in business. Please call 408-800-1612 with any questions or if you are ready to schedule an appointment.

MI&T is extremely thorough, taking pictures and finding issues in the deepest corners of the house, garage and property. The house that we had was under contract, but after the inspection, the inspector pointed out a number of major issues. A big problem was on all four sides of the house, the grade drained towards the foundation. Combined with the fact that there were water issues in the basement and mold behind the paneling, we would truly have had to tear out walls and redo the drainage around the whole house. We did not notice this on our visits to the house, and that just put it over the top of what we wanted to spend.

Mold Inspection & Testing San Jose California

MI&T offers all of San Jose and surrounding areas unbiased mold testing without a conflict of interest.

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