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If you are concerned about the possibility of mold growth negatively impacting your come or business in the great state of California, then you have come to the right place. San Diego Mold Inspection and Testing is the most trusted company in the country that people turn to when they want to analyze their indoor air quality. Our reputation is so good because we hold firm in our standpoint on being a test only company and taking no part in the mold remediation process. Everyone can be sure if they are in any of the following situations we can help.

Prior to purchasing house, a San Diego mold inspection is highly recommended to determine if there are any lingering problems stemming from water damage or mold issues. Unfortunately serious mold problems can be covered up temporarily by doing things like quick cleaning and applying a fresh coat of paint. Some people trying to sell a house will use these tactics to avoid costly remediation bills. The air samples we collect will be able to identify the presence of a problem regardless of the unethical tactics used by sellers. Buyers should know that a proper San Diego mold remediation can make a property as good as new so the presence of a problem should not be more of a price adjuster than a deal killer.

San Diego Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection & Testing San Diego

The negative health effects of breathing elevated levels of mold on a regular basis have been documented time and time again. If you are experiencing things like respiratory problems, rash, running nose, sore throat, or other allergy like symptoms without explanation; mold may be a problem in your home or business. Young people, the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions are especially susceptible to these kinds of issues.

Your number one defense in the fight against mold is swift action. The sooner you address a possible problem, the less likely it will be to have negative consequences or your health and belongings. Anytime there is a drastic change in your indoor environment like the introduction of excess humidity or water, the risk of mold growth is there. Having an inspector come out to collect San Diego mold test will help you find out for sure whether or those changes have caused mold growth or not.

Whether you have some questions or are ready to schedule an appointment with one of Certified MI&T San Diego inspector, please call us at 619-550-2079. Depending on the time of day, can have someone out to your location on the same day. We also offer next day results for those who need the information quickly. Thanks for visiting our website, we look forward to helping you!

Mold Inspection & Testing San Diego California

MI&T offers all of San Diego CA unbiased mold inspection and mold testing without a conflict of interest. Give us a call at 619-550-2079 for more information

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