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Intense rainfall spurs mold growth in homes throughout San Diego

Residents throughout San Diego County claim that they have discovered mold growth in their homes after intense rainfall drenched the city.

Several mold testing and remediation companies contacted a local news station to report that they have seen a significant increase in business in recent weeks. One company reported that business has more than doubled, while another said that they have been experiencing one of the busiest weeks that they have seen in several years.

Fernando Perez’s daughter has been forced to move out of her bedroom in their Del Mar home. “She’s obviously not very happy about it,” said Perez.

Recently, Perez said that his daughter, who is a teenager, discovered a spot on the ceiling in her bedroom and that the spot appeared to be wet and stained. Perez contacted a professional to have it looked at. The professional told him that the house not only had a leak, but that there was a mold problem in the bedroom, which was almost completely renovated.

“You would never know by opening this up that you would see that it would have been this bad,” said Perez as he showed reporters from the news station the mold-infested wall.

Orange Restoration, a mold removal company, offered their help. Yaron Lief, the owner of Orange Restoration, said that the wet winter has caused a significant uptick in business.

“The average would be five or six a day and now we are maybe at 25 a day,” said Leif.

Anyone who thinks that they have a leak or a mold issue in their home should contact a mold testing and remediation professional, Leif said. The reason: because mold can affect your health; particularly if you have underlying medical conditions.

“If you see a discoloration, I would recommend sending a picture. It’s the cheapest way to do this. Find a legit company, send them a picture,” Leif said. “We can tell you if you actually need us.”

In the case of the Perez family, professional help was definitely needed, and they are glad that they acted so quickly.

“It’s scary to think that people, if they’ve got leaks and they don’t see through to the dry wall and you don’t know it and people are sensitive, of have allergies, or asthma, issues. God forbid the potential health issues you could have from unknown mold,” said Perez.

How can you tell if you have a mold issue? If you see signs of visible mold growth – patches of hairy white, green, brown, or yellow – that’s a surefire sign. However, sometimes, mold isn’t visible. It often grows in hidden locations, such as underneath wallpaper, beneath floorboards, and under carpets. But just because you can’t see, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If you notice a musty odor, you see cracking or peeling paint or wallpaper, or you are experiencing allergy-like symptoms, there’s a good chance you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspection & Testing San Diego has years of experience performing mold assessments throughout the city. We encourage San Diego homeowners to arrange for regular mold testing to ensure that their families are safe from the dangers of mold exposure. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 619.550.2079.