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A man’s new invention can detect conditions that are right for mold growth

A man who is on a mission to protect his home from the invasion of a silent, undetectable problem has created an invention that can alert you when the conditions are just right for an attack.

The problem is mold. The spores of the fungus are airborne and invisible and can creep into your home, without you even knowing it, and once it spreads, it can cause health problems. That, combined with the birth of his daughter, are what prompted Erik Laybourne to found Moat Technologies.

“Just like a castle. “Moat”. I wanted something fun and snappy and the tag line is, “Protect your castle,” he said.

Laybourne said that mold grows when moisture is present, and after an unusually wet rainy season, like the San Diego area just experienced, the potential for moisture damage and indoor mold growth increased. As such, he decided to get to work and invented a battery-powered sensor that can detect moisture conditions that could potentially lead to mold growth. The sensor pings your smartphone if any red flags are detected.

“We’ve got one in our daughter’s room”, he said.

The sensors are 3D printed and the batteries they are powered by last about a year.

In most cases, mold exposure won’t kill you; however, it can lead to complications, such as breathing issues or it can exacerbate pre-existing conditions.

“We just had a child of our own and that was one of the things that scared me the most,” Laybourne said. He and his wife were terrified that mold exposure could cause health problems in his daughter, which is what motivated him to create his moisture detection device.

Layborune said that one of the worst things that a homeowner can do is to pay someone else an exorbitant amount of money to inspect their home for mold before they have determined if it’s likely a problem. He said that he didn’t want to take chances, and he know that other people wouldn’t want to either, so he created his invention.

With this device in place, if heightened moisture levels are determined, homeowners can then assess the conditions in their home to determine if they have a mold problem. However, even if they don’t see any signs of mold growth, they may want to arrange to have a professional test their homes for mold to be on the safe side. Mold growth often goes undetected and can be lurking in hidden locations and causing health problems without you even knowing it.

Mold Inspection & Testing San Diego has years of experience performing mold assessments in the area. While Laybourne’s invention could certainly be useful, we recommend homeowner’s have their homes tested by a professional to accurately confirm whether or not mold is present. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 619.550.2079.