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The largest and most respected mold inspection company offers Philadelphia mold inspection without a conflict of interest. Only inspectors that are certified and have years of experience are employed on us. You can be sure that whichever inspector is assigned to your property has seen similar situations to yours in the past. Other than creating detailed protocols for clients that do indeed have a proble, MI&T has no role in the mold removal process so you can trust the Pennsylvania mold testing results your get from us to be facts. Read on to learn more about the services that we offer and look around the website to get answers to frequently asked questions. If you would like to speak to a customer representative, please give us a call at 215-315-3843 and someone will gladly assist you.

You might have found yourself at our website because you are experiencing something out of the ordinary that has you thinking mold may be a problem in your home or business. Each situation is different in its own way, but most mold problems occur for similar reasons. Just know that our experienced and certified mold inspectors have seen it all. If there is a problem present, they will be able to find it and create the best plan for Illinois mold tests possible. Prior to any sample collection, you will have the final say in what is to be submitted.


Mold Inspection & Testing Philadelphia

Unlike “free mold inspections in Philadelphia” offered by various companies that do handle mold removal, our service is complete with mold testing. This is the only way to get hard evidence and be sure of exactly what is going on with your indoor air quality. Since some species of mold are not toxic, some things that may look bad to you might not be as serious as you think. This means you might might not need professional intervetion at all and we will be happy to relay that information to you. If going through insurance or in any sort of dispute, having our report can be a bacbone of your argument.

On the flip side, our mold inspection Philadelphia still offers you valuable information for situations in which a problem does exist. Our detailed report will include the source of the problem, what type of mold is present, and how far the problem has spread. Mold remediation is a very expensive process and has to be carried out by a company that knows what they are doing. Having our report will benefit you by making sure no unecessary work is done to keep the bill as small as possible. Following the step-by-step procedure we lay out will also make sure the job is done right the first time.

If you do decide to skip an evaluation and go straight into the removal process, you should be aware of post remediation clearance testing. Having a third party like MI&T come in to perform a test within each containment area will verify whether or not mold levels have returned to normal. Getting this done will help ensure the company you hired to handle the restoration completed the work correctly and the job is in fact finished. If they do not pass the clearance test, we can give precise steps for what needs to be done to correct the situation.

We hope that you realize the benefit of a mold inspection prior to hiring a company to handle a remediation project. Spending a little more money up front will most likely save you alot of money in one way or another in the big scheme of things. If you do decide to go straight into the removal process, we highly recommend getting a clearance test prior to the buildback in order to ensure the problem was handled correctly and the job is complete. Please call us with any questions or to schedule an inspection at 215-315-3843. MI&T serves the entire metro Philadelphia area.

Mold Inspection & Testing Philadelphia PA

Home in business owners looking for mold testing in the Philadelphia area can give MI&T a call at (215) 315-3843 with any questions or to schedule an inspection.

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William Letner (Cherry Hill)

You guys came out to inspect for mold in a home I was looking to buy and the inspector was able to quickly find areas of water leaking that the owners had tried to cover up with fresh paint. He took a no nonsense approach and told us frankly and bluntly the potential and current mold issues within the home.

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