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Mold Inspection & Testing Birmingham Alabama

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If you are concerned about mold inside your home or business, you have come to the right place. MI&T offers the entire state of Birmingham mold inspection and mold testing Alabama without a conflict of interest. Our company has no affiliation with the mold remediation process other than giving you a detailed protocol showing the steps that need to be taken in order to remedy a situation. This is only for cases where a problem does indeed exist. We have many clients whose lab results show perfectly healthy air and we are happy to relay that information as we do not benefit either way.

Unless you have dealt with indoor mold growth in the past, chances are you are somewhat confused about the entire situation. So what exactly is included in your mold inspection Birmingham AL and why should you have one? To fully answer that question, you should know a few things. First of all every indoor environment has “normal” levels of mold. We start with 2 air samples, one which is taken from outside to establish a baseline for normal in your area. The second is collected from the area of greatest concern inside your home or business. Additional air samples may be suggested to gather more information about the location in question. Our certified inspectors will also recommend taking a surface sample whenever visual growth is present. All of the samples collected are sent to an independent laboratroy for analysis.

Birmingham Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Birmingham Mold Inspector


Sally Annabel Levy

Professional Background:

NACHI Certified Mold Inspector

Work with many insurance companies and insurance adjusters before and after water/mold mitigation

Work closely with project and building managers to help with tenant needs and concerns

Worked on many HPD violations and provided testimonies in court when necessary

Worked on the field and in the office/dispatch for a mold and water mitigation company since Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Provided/outsourced my help and services during Hurricane Harvey (2017) to surrounding affected states

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

Born and raised in Birmingham AL

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?

As a mold inspector I am able to help my clients on a day to day basis. Making sure that they are living in a safe and habitable environment for both them and their families. Getting down to building science and history which helps resolve most underline issues in a home.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of:

My client has contacted me about her and her husband experiencing allergies every time they are home. She explained to me that cleans her home several times a week and when I went in there was no visual evidence of any water intrusion or damage whatsoever. I had checked for moisture signs and levels with my thermal imaging camera, still nothing. All we noted was slight discoloration on vinyl tile by front door entrance (common foot traffic area) once we received her lab results her samples came out extremely high and I recommend to remove vinyl flooring as it was the only piece that was really damaged. By the time I came back for a post remediation inspection, I come to find out that the mold had traveled from the front entrance, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the source of where the dishwasher was leaking from. My client thanked me because her husband thought that she was crazy but with a simple test of


Mold Inspection & Testing Birmingham Alabama

To go along with sample collection, our inspectors are also equipped with state of the art technology like moisture meters, C02/Humidity readers, and a thermal imaging camera. These are essential tools for finding problems before they become visible to the naked eye. Once the lab sends us the results from your Alabama mold testing, make a detailed report which will include all of the inspectors findings from the visual inspection. It will also include pictures and a detailed protocol for cases in which a mold problem is indeed present.

If you plan to submit an insurance claim or request that a landlord or building manager address a problem, our report is extremely helpful. It is much more likely that you will be taken seriously when you have a professional assessment of the situation recommending that work be done. Please take note that companies offering “free mold inspections” are often restoration companies that also handle mold remediation. This is a tactic used to get a foot in the door and push a mold removal job which is very costly and not always necessary. The best restoration companies actually prefer that an outside inspection company be used for 2 reasons. First, they actually prefer using our detailed protocol to take out all the guess work of what should be done. Secondly, having an indpendent company verify the problem and also confirm that a job is complete makes them look very good and things like insurance claims go much smoother.

Mold growth in an indoor environment is not something that should be taken lightly. The negative health implications of living in an environment with elevated mold spores have been shown time and time again. While these problems can get very serious, they can also be avoided with swift action. Early detection is your greatest ally in avoiding costly repairs and other problems. Luckily, with MI&T you have people you can trust on your side. Our company operates with a strong code of ethics to make sure you can trust the results you are getting are facts.

Regardless of what your situation is, we have seen others very similar to it. We are here to help whenever you need it and get a mold inspector to you by next day at the latest. Results can had as soon as next day as well. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection please feel free to contact us at 205-208-0385. MI&T serves all of Birmingham Alabama and its surrounding areas.

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MI&T offers all of Birmingham AL and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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