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People of San Francisco who are experiencing symptoms of possible mold problems have come to the the right place; this is the home of MI&T. It might have been a strange smell or sight brought you here. Maybe you are feeling sick without explanation and are wondering if indoor mold growth might be the culprit. Perhaps you are buying or leasing a new property and want to be sure that their are no underlying issues that you might have to deal with. Regardless of which category you fall under, all the circumstances above are viable reasons to get mold testing San Francisco California.

Each of our customers receive the following:

  • Full Visual Inspection of Entire Property
  • Identification of Red Flag Areas (Excess Moisture, Water Intrusion, Visible Mold Growth)
  • 2 Air Samples: Determines Whether Elevated Mold Levels Exist or Not
  • Additional Air or Surface Sampling (Optional)
  • Lab Results from AIHA Accredited Laboratory
  • Detailed Report with Protocol For Mold Remediation (If Necessary)
  • Available as Expert Witness During Litigation
  • Excellent Customer Service

A complete inspection with thermal imaging camera, moisture meter, along with air and surface sample collection will give you information that will benefit you in many ways. The mold removal process is much more intensive and requires many more steps than a typical remodeling. Our report will give precise details on if there is a problem, what the source is, and exactly how to fix it. It is possible that your results come back not elevated or small enough that you can clean up on your own; consider yourselves the lucky ones. The other side of things is when we recommend hiring a mold remediation company to return the indoor air quality to normal.

San Francisco Mold Inspection and Testing

Your San Francisco Mold Inspector

San Francisco Mold Inspector

Alex Camacho

Professional Background:

InterNachiCertified, 2 years Of Biology in Science

I am a certified home inspector with 8 years of experience performing Mold inspections.

I am here to help address any water intrusion, roof leaks, plumbing issues, window leaks, and high elevated moisture points that can lead to mold growth around your home or commercial buildings. When it comes down to mold testing and removal us here at MI&T will provide you a solution to any mold problem.

Our clients Health and safety always comes first and I am here to provide a step by step procedure to make your home a safer place for you.

I am Trained to assess both the presence of microbial contamination, access the source of any underlying water intrusion, report a written experience and my professional stand on your mold problem.


Mold Inspection & Testing San Francisco

The tools that our certified mold inspectors use allow them to see what is going on beneath the surface at things the naked eye simply can not see. This information is used when presenting the proper plan for collecting samples for analysis. We can collect air from general living areas or cavity samples to see what is going on behind dry or other building material. Each of these air tests will be compared to an outside sample that serves as a baseline number. Acceptable levels of mold are relative to that found outside in your area, so that sample is taken to see what should be “normal” for your home or business. Whenever there is visible mold, a surface sample is recommended. Toxic black mold and other species that are concerning are not easily airborne so we want to make sure those are not present as well. Swabs and tape lifts are also useful in confirming the source of a problem.

For individuals in landlord disputes or looking to file an insurance claim to cover a San Francisco mold remediation, our service is invaluable. Even if a problem is obvious, having our report that is seen as factual evidence will make your claims much stronger than just your word. Just like with anything else, having an expert in the field backing your claim is always a good idea. Having our detailed protocol for remediation to give to a company that you hire is extremely valuable as well. The health of you and those around you should be priority number one and we make sure that all the necessary steps are taken to return the property in question back to normal on the first go around.

After a contaminated area has been treated but prior to the build back; a clearance test should be performed to make sure the job is in fact complete and the air quality has been returned to its normal state. Even if you do not get San Francisco mold inspection prior to hiring a mold removal company, this step should not be overlooked. The last thing you want is for someone to do all of that work and get everything fixed only to have problems lingering around or come back full force. If you would like to speak to someone at MI&T to get some questions answered or schedule an appointment please call 415-213-4831.

Mold Inspection & Testing San Francisco California

San Francisco home and business owners that are concerned about indoor mold growth can trust MI&T- the largest mold inspection company in the country. Call (415) 213-4831 to schedule your mold testing appointment.

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