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The largest and most trusted mold inspection company offers its services to the entire state of Oklahoma city, Oklahoma without a conflict of interest. Only technicians that are qualified and have years of experience are employed by us. You can be sure that whichever technician is sent to your property has seen situations similar to yours in the past. Other than generating comprehensive protocols for customers that do in fact have a problem, MI&T has no role in the mold removal process so you can trust the Oklahoma city mold testing results your get from us to be facts.

You may have found yourself at our website because you are experiencing something unusual that has you thinking mold may be a problem in your home or business. Each situation is only one of its kind in its own way, but most mold problems occur for comparable reasons. Just know that our skilled and certified mold inspectors have seen it all. If there is a issue present, they will be able to find it and create the best plan for Oklahoma city mold tests possible. Prior to any sample collection, you will have the final say in what is to be submitted.

Oklahoma City Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Oklahoma City Mold Inspector


Jonathon Vest

Professional Background (Include any relevant schooling, certifications or work experience):

Mold Assessment Consultant License & InterNachi Certified (Mold Inspector)

Major Metro Served:

Oklahoma City and Surrounding Areas

How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

I have lived here for around five years. What I like most about this area is all the beautiful scenery you can find. I also enjoy meeting new friendly people.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?

I like being able to help and assist people with whatever mold troubles they might be having. Mold and water damage on one’s home or business can cause a lot of stress, and being able to help relieve that just a little is always a rewarding feeling.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, what was rewarding about it)

One inspection I am particularly proud of is when a client was very sick for a long period of time and doctors could not figure out why. She eventually decided to take a blood test and found high levels of mold in her blood. When I came out I did a thorough inspection, looked for any water stains and high moisture levels in the wall since that can typically cause mold to grow. I took several air quality samples and found heavy mold buildup in the HVAC system. I provided her with a detailed report on how to properly remediate this. She then provided that report to a remediation company and after they performed the clean up I went back out to perform the clearance testing. It’s important to verify the remediation company did the clean up correctly so mold does not come back in the future. I pride myself in being able to help people get through tough times and help them find the source of their mold issue.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?

I take clients issues and concerns very seriously and always put them first. They could be having health complications or a building issue related to mold. I always do my very best on every inspection to find any concerning areas inside the property. I also make sure to document anything I see out of the ordinary and write a detailed report on my findings. Helping clients return to their normal lives as fast as possible in an efficient way is very rewarding to me.


Mold Inspection & Testing Oklahoma City

Unlike “free mold inspections” in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma offered by various companies that do supply mold restoration; our service is complete with mold testing. This is the only way to get black and white evidence and be certain of exactly what is going on with your indoor environment. Since some species of mold are not toxic, some things that may look bad to you may not be as major as you think. This means you might not require professional remediation at all and we will be ecstatic to give that information to you. If going through insurance or if you are in any sort of discussion, having our report can be a backbone of your argument.

On the flip side our Oklahoma city mold inspection in Oklahoma still offers you valuable information for situations in which a problem does exist. Our comprehensive report will include the source of the issue, what species of mold is present, and how far the issue has spread. Mold removal is a very expensive process and has to be carried out by a company that knows what they are doing. Having our report will benefit you by making sure no unnecessary work is done to keep the bill as small as possible. Following the step-by-step process we lay out will also make sure the job is done right the first time.

We hope that you recognize the benefit of a Oklahoma city mold inspection prior to having a company to handle a remediation project. Spending a little more money up front will most likely save you a great deal of money and hassle in one way or another in the big scheme of things. If you do elect to go straight into the removal process, we highly recommend getting a clearance test prior to the build back in order to ensure the issue was handled correctly and the job is complete. Please call us with any questions or to schedule an inspection at 405-595-0748. Mold Inspection and Testing also serves all of the following cities around Oklahoma city, Oklahoma.

Mold Inspection & Testing Oklahoma City OK

Oklahoma City home and business owners with indoor mold problems can turn to MI&T for unbiased mold testing without a conflict of interest.

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