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The residents in the areas of Noblesville, Indiana that are frightended about indoor mold growth damaging their personal possessions and harmfully impacting the health of themselves and those around them no longer have to worry as they have an partner in the fight against mold! MI&T offers unbiased Noblesville mold testing without a conflict of interest. Our certified assessors will answer all the questions that you have about these frustrating problems and find out once and for all whether you have a mold issue or not. Our sample collection offers hard evidence of exactly what you are breathing in on a daily basis.

We get you answers by performing mold testing along with a total visual inspection by our assessor. Free mold inspections do not contain this service and are quite simply just guessing at what is going on in your property. Air sample collection gives you hard evidence about the current state of your air quality. We can collect samples of air from areas you smell or see something out of the ordinary. If there are small indications of water intrusion on a wall we can do cavity samples to conclude if there is a issue beneath the surface. Surface sample collection is used when visible mold growth is present. Certain ypes of fungus are not easily airborne unless bothered; this includes the feared toxic black mold stachybotrys. Identifying the species present is vital in determining whether or not the issue could be handled by yourself or calls for professional intervention.

Noblesville Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Noblesville Mold Inspector


Joshua Underwood

Professional Background:

NAIHI mold inspection certified. My previous employment was in telecommunications installation and networking. I also did prototype engineering with wheelchair tanks that were primarily for disabled veterans.

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

I have lived in the area for around 4-5 years. I have traveled to several different states but new opportunities have brought me here to Indianapolis. Despite all the places I have been at, this area is what has made me feel more at home. Also, I cover the entire state of Indiana and sometimes travel to neighboring areas as well.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?:

I enjoy being able to provide clients unbiased information and help find the source of their problem. There are several remediation companies that will provide free testing to clients so they can try to sell them on the work. I am grateful to be in a position where I can help homeowners and business owners with this and perform a thorough inspection.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it)

I inspected a gym that had their roof fixed and replaced twice before I came in. When I went into the property I noticed that there was actually a big condensation issue. I also took note on how when the humidity from the showers met the different temperature from the colder air it condensed into water. This caused it to run down the walls and leave mold like streaks all over them. This meant the building had a poorly insulated ceiling. I then provided them with a report on how to properly remediate this. All they needed to do was dehumidify, improve the insulation, and a more efficient use of air conditioning. Many companies will spend money on work they do not need, that’s why it’s important to get the property tested before any work is done.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?:

I do not only provide great service at the time of the inspection I also make sure that I am available for any questions after the inspection has been completed. I go over the report and lab results with the client so they can have a clear understanding on what they need to get done and what was found in the property. I am also always available to speak to clients months after their inspection has been completed. I am always happy to go into depth as much as possible to make sure the client understands and is happy with the service I provided.


Mold Inspection & Testing Noblesville Indiana

For clients that do have elevated levels of mold in their home, we provide a comprehensive protocol for remediation. This includes a step-by-step process for how the work should be handled and who should be doing the work. Mold remediation is different than a typical remodeling job. When removing infected materials, you are sending thousands of mold spores into the air. For this reason, problem areas should be contained and equipped with an airscrubber while work is being done. After contaminated materials are removed, walls must be hepa vaccumed and treated with antimicrobial solutions and sealants. These are things that professional Indianapolis mold remediation companies have the capabilities of doing that a normal contractor would not. If this type of work is attempted by someone without the proper experience, there is a high chance they will only further the air quality issues within the residence or business.

When dealing with these types of issues in your home or business, you want to make sure that you use a company without a conflict of interest. Hiring a Noblesville, Indiana mold remediation company to carry out an inspection is an example of what you don’t want to do. These companies often offer free inspections to get their foot in their door to pitch a larger, more pricey job. As we already mentioned, sometimes clients have tests that come back with no problem at all or one small enough to be handled on their own. A visual inspection could never tell you these types of details and some mold restoration companies would not pass up the opportunity for work by letting you know your concerns are unjustifiable.

Here at Mold Inspection & Testing, we operate under a stern code of ethics. Our technitions are the best at determining whether or not you have a problem, where the source is, and giving you professional advice on how to remediate it. So if you are concerned about your indoor air quality, call the company you can trust at 317-759-8525. We are pleased to offer our services to all of the following cities around Noblesville,Indiana.

Mold Inspection & Testing Noblesville IN

MI&T offers all of Noblesville IN and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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