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If you live in the Tennessee and are looking to get an Nashville mold inspection done, MI&T is the most trusted company in the country. We are one of the few test only companies around, which means do not take part in the the restoration process. This means that we operate without a conflict of interest and you can trust the samples we collect to be analyzed with unbiased eyes.

 Typically we are called into a home or business if the home or business owner is experiencing something out of the ordinary with their health or property. Health complications typically include respiratory issues like coughing, sneezing, or trouble breathing. Others experience itching, dry eyes, and things like that. These health problems are easily compared to allergies as not everyone notices the same things. In fact, there are many cases where one person can suffer and another will not notice anything. Any of these reasons are perfect examples to both see a doctor and get mold testing Nashville.

Mold Testing Nashville

In terms of noticing things out of the ordinary within a property, here are some examples of common things that we come across. Excess moisture/humidity, visible mold growth, strange smells, stains on walls, and recent water damage often trigger people to give us a call and evaluate a property with a mold inspection Nashville. Coming to us prior to contacting a restoration company is the best step to take.

Mold is naturally occurring all around us. Every home and business has mold spores throughout their indoor environment as it makes its way in through outside. However, these species of fungus is of the non-toxic variety and when a Nashville mold test is performed it should be seen at low levels. We take an outside air sample from your area to see what is normal and compare it to an inside sample and see if elevated conditions exist or not.

Mold Inspector Nashville

Our Nashville mold inspector will also do a full visual of the property with tools like a moisture meter to identify any possible red flag areas like visible growth or walls holding excess moisture. If they do find anything they will recommend additional air and/or surface samples to both confirm a source of a problem and/or see how far it has spread. Those customers that do have elevated conditions, will be provided with a detailed protocol for removal so they can get their property returned to normal.

 If you have any other questions or would like to schedule you Nashville mold inspection, please give us a call at 615-200-6856 to speak with a representative from MI&T.

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MI&T offers all of Nashville and surrounding areas unbiased mold testing without a conflict of interest.
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