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Mold Removal Scams

Mold Removal Scams

One of the main reasons MI&T was founded was due to the abundance of illegitimate restoration companies trying to perform mold removal scams. We understand the the goal of any business is to make money so they can stay in business for years to come. However, many people in this field have taken advantage of the general populations lack of knowledge about indoor mold growth.

Here is how these mold remediation scams usually take place. A concerned home owner calls up a restoration company and asks them to come take a look at something they are worried about. If a person is making this call, chances are they already think that they have a mold problem. It isn’t hard for the remediation company to come in, tell them they do in fact have a problem, and pitch a costly mold remediation job.

Mold Remediation Scams

All they do is complete a visual inspection and as we have said numerous times throughout our website, there is normal amounts of mold in a home and some is toxic while others are not. Without testing, the company doing the evaluation is simply guessing at what is going on within the property. Some of these restoration companies even go one step further to make their scam seem more legitimate and perform their own testing. They take these samples and “doctor” the tests to make the results come back elevated.

Unfortunately, we see these manipulated tests all the time. Mostly when people come to us asking for a second opinion. It is very obvious to us that this sort of thing is taking place when we see extremely elevated conditions in a home or business with little, to no mold problems. Another thing that we find comical is when the person doing the testing doesn’t even take the time to figure out what samples he is doctoring and makes the control (outside) air sample come back showing elevated conditions as well. Seeing this is a HUGE red flag that something is not right.

Many states are starting to take notice of these problems and putting laws in place to make sure the two aspects of the mold field are kept separate. However, most of the general population is unaware of these laws so the scams continue on. Don’t get us wrong, we know there are plenty of good, honest mold removal companies out there that don’t use these unethical practices. All we are saying is that MI&T can help you avoid the possibility of these issues all together. We are a well respected nationwide mold inspection company that doesn’t take part in the mold removal process. This makes sure you get an unbiased evaluation of your property. If you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment with the certified mold inspector we have in your area please give us a call at 855-600-6553