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Tenant claim leaks are causing mold growth in their apartment

A resident who lives in an east side apartment complex is fearful of returning to their apartment unit. The resident claims that the conditions in the apartment are unsanitary and unsafe as a result of mold, mice, and other pests, as well as damaged electrical outlets and damaged plumbing fixtures.

The tenant claims that they have spoken with property management of the apartment building about the issue. However, despite frequent contact, the property management company has not taken action to correct the problems, says the resident.

Elizabeth Jackson, moved into the Park Place Apartments with her young son. She said that the problems started just a few months after they moved in. Jackson claims that faulty plumbing in the apartment above hers sent water through the ceiling into her downstairs living area.

Maintenance repaired the plumbing pipes and patched the ceiling in Jackson’s apartment. According to Jackson, that was the one and only time that maintenance repaired anything in her unit. She said that ever since then, the problems have gotten worse.

“The tub started to leak. I told property management about that. Nothing. That was several months ago,” she said. She also added, “Now the ceiling is leaking.”

A slow, steady leak creates large droplets of water on the ceiling of Jackson’s apartment unit and those droplets drop onto a cup that she has placed on her kitchen table. While the leak is slow, it’s fast enough to fill the cup every few hours. The leak has also resulted in severe damage to the floor below and is causing the peel-and-stick vinyl flooring to loosen. The subfloor under the tile is moist and its structural integrity has become compromised.

It also appears as if there is mold growing. Jackson shared photos with a local news station that show what appears to be mushrooms growing out of the subfloor in her apartment. That’s correct: mushrooms.

“I think in this house we are getting sick. We are getting more sick, especially my son because he sleeps downstairs,” Jackson told the news station. She claims that property management hasn’t done anything, despite the fact that she’s contacted them about the issue on multiple occasions. She said that she’s even given them money, but they still don’t come. Jackson claims that she’s never had somebody from property management enter her apartment, except for that one time when they fixed the plumbing pipes and patched the ceiling.

Jackson, who has subsidized rent, said that she has contacted the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) several times, as well as the company that manages the property, Independent Management Services.

Jackson said, “I dread this apartment so much. I dread being here. I hate coming home. They will send people here to give me eviction notice before they send people to come fix my stuff.”

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