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Over 100 Tenants of Mill Complexes Claim They’ve Been Exposed to Mold

More than 100 tenants – former and present – of the Mill Loft apartment properties allege that they have been exposed to “mold and other pathogens.”  The tenants say that the developer, Brady Sullivan, is to blame.

“If this was another industry, there would be a recall for the safety of the consumer. If [Brady Sullivan]were a conscientious and honorable company, they would engage in good faith discussions with us to see how they can help these folds who have been injured and try to prevent this from ever happening again,” Artin Coloian, one of the attorneys representing the residents who have made allegations against Sullivan, said.

The first lawsuit against the developer was filed in Rhode Island Superior Court. That suit alleges that Brady Sullivan did not take appropriate care of its property and refused to respond to the numerous complaints that were made regarding the conditions in one of the company’s apartment buildings. Brady Sullivan is one of New England’s largest developers. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the conditions at the apartment were so bad that they were responsible for the illness that one of the residents developed. That resident was Jeffrey Mastrobuono. The lawsuit is asking for $60 million in damages; $50 million for punitive damages and $10 million for compensatory damages.

Numerous environmental complaints and lawsuits have been tied to the developer. Brady Sullivan has also been fined by New England regulatory agencies.

Similar to the Mastrobuono lawsuit, which is connected to the Harris Mill Lofts in Coventry, a lot of the complaints concerning Brady Sullivan have also been made by residents who live or lived at the property. Now, however, current and former residents of two additional Brady Sullivan properties in Rhode Island have also come forward, stating that the environmental conditions at their apartments were dangerous.

“We have multiple clients at the Lofts at Anthony Mills and the Pocasset Mill Complex,” Coloian said.

Brady Sullivan operates six major properties in Rhode Island; all of them are mill rehabs. Allegations of illnesses connected to three of the properties have been made. Coloian alleges that Brady Sullivan cuts corners when they rehab former mill structures into residential apartments.

The former mills that Brady Sullivan have turned into residential apartments include:

  • Harris Mill in Coventry
  • US Rubber Lofts in Providence
  • Lofts at Anthony Mill in Coventry
  • Tourister Mill in Warren
  • American Wire in Pawtucket
  • Lofts at Pocasset Mill in Johnston

According to Coloian, multiple complaints have been made concerning exposure to mold and other pathogens. The number of complaints has increased at an exponential rate.

The Medical Director of Northeast Medical Research Associations (NEMRA), Dr. David Miller, spoke to more than 20 patients he has assessed who were experiencing symptoms that they say were caused by mold and pathogen exposure at Brady Sullivan properties in Coventry.

Mold Inspection & Testing Providence has performed numerous mold assessments throughout the city and the surrounding areas. We strongly suggest that Brady Sullivan arrange for mold testing at their properties to prevent their residents from becoming ill. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 401.400.1984.