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No one is testing schools that are infected with hidden toxic mold

A school superintendent asking a reporter to investigate his district isn’t a common occurrence; however, that’s exactly what Jaime Green. The superintendent of Trinity Alps School District was so desperate to protect the students of the district that he had no other choice but to contact a local news station and ask for help. Once hidden toxic black mold was discovered, Green realized that the situation was extremely dangerous.

As it turns out, schools aren’t required to have mold tests and there aren’t any indoor air quality regulations in place to protect children in their classrooms.

In response to the mold growth in the Trinity Alps School District has sparked the Trinity Council Department of Public Health to establish the country’s first mold safety threshold for schools. Superintendent Green called on local lawmakers to protect students throughout the state of California.

Alyssa Keyes’ and her son were new to the Weaverville Elementary. Keyes, who is referred to as Miss Aly by her preschool students, said that she developed an upper respiratory infection and that her son was diagnosed with pneumonia not long after they were on the premises of the school. She also said that there were respiratory health issues throughout the classroom. “I was the sickest I’d ever been,” Keyes said.

Chyann Giddings’ son, who was also a new student to the school, developed headaches and respiratory problems, too. “We actually had an attendance meeting because he was out of school a lot, sick,” she said.

Hanah Parkenson, the mother of students who attend school in the district, said that her oldest daughters developed chronic bronchitis and migraines, and that they experienced these health problems for years. Like a lot of parents, Parkenson just assumed that her children were experiencing health issues that children commonly experience. When hidden toxic mold was discovered in the school, she realized the cause of their problems.

Jamie Green, the superintendent of the school district, was as shocked as parents were when the toxic black mold was discovered.

“Until you test for it, until you look for it, you just don’t know,” said Green.

When a patch of mold was discovered in the cafeteria, the district decided that they needed to hire an Industrial Hygienist to test for airborne mold spores throughout the district.

Kristalynne Anderson, the Trinity County Director of Environmental Health, said that the mold spores inside the schools were, “The highest I’ve seen.” She also stated that, “This is not our first set of schools to have a mold issue.”

Anderson immediately quarantined the schools after the discovery of mold spores was made. They discovered mold was growing under carpeting, behind walls, and in the ceilings in buildings throughout the district.

Mold Inspection & Testing Los Angeles has vast experience performing mold tests in schools throughout the region. We strongly recommend that all school districts perform mold testing in their facilities to ensure the safety of their students. To speak with an MI&T representative, 424.652.8081.