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Mold problems at University of Louisville are brought to light in a viral post

A University of Louisville student has suggested a cycle of mold issues in some of the school’s oldest residence halls. The post has gone viral.

Freshman Bethany Morgan said that she first started to experience issues with mold in her dorm room, which is located in Threlkeld Hall, just a few weeks after she moved onto campus. She isn’t the only one who is having problems with mold. Other students of the residence hall claim that they have had similar issues. Morgan also said that bugs and a series of plumbing issues in the community bathrooms plague the building.

“In my room, mold has been growing on the window as well as where the air-conditioner sits,” Morgan wrote in an email address to the Insider Louisville. “It has grown on shoes, electronics, pillows, and decorations in rooms of other residents on my hall,” she said.

Students have filed a series of reports and have spoken with hall and housing officials. Custodians have attempted to clean up the mold, as well. Despite all of this, Morgan and other students who live in the residence hall continued to experience problems. Morgan, who grew tired of campus housing officials not taking the complaints serious, decided to share the issues that she and others were experiencing in a post on Facebook, which has now gone viral.

The post read, “Those of you who know me know that I DO NOT run to Facebook with my problems. But since the University of Louisville refuses to acknowledge the complaints and problems concerning the living conditions here, I feel like I am left with no other choice!” Morgan’s post was shared more than 18,000 times.

The Director of Campus Housing, Tom Hardy, was unable to address the claims made by Morgan specifically because of student privacy rules; however, he said that the floor she lives on had accounted for almost all of the small number of mold complaints that were made to housing during the semester.

Hardy told the Insider that housing responded to every report that they received within 24 hours. He said that issues with mold, bugs, and bathroom problems were addressed.

Thanks to the now-viral post, Hardy and other University of Louisville housing officials have met with Morgan and other students living on the same floor. Hardy claimed that the group had a “great conversation”, and that he and other officials asked the students about specific concerns in each of their rooms.

All of the concerns that were brought up at the meeting were addressed and those who were living in rooms where mold was a concern were relocated.

Morgan’s Facebook post sparked other students and alumni of the school to speak out about the mold-related problems they experienced, too.

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