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Family evicted from apartment after they reported mold to landlord

Mold growth inside an apartment complex in Bartlett has created a nightmare for a renter and her family.

Jessie Sidle, a resident of the Quail Ridge Highland Apartments, and her family, said that they began to notice stuff growing in their daughter’s and son’s windows and walls. As it turns out, that ‘stuff’ was toxic black mold.

Sidle claims that she and her family were evicted after they brought to light their concerns about mold growth in the apartment. She says that the complex refuses to admit that mold exists on the property.

According to Sidle, the complex claims that it’s just mildew and that tenants should clean it with bleach and that they should do a better job of keeping their home clean. Sidle arranged to have her apartment tested for mold, and the samples that were taken came back positive, confirming what she and her family already knew.

A local news station contacted Bartlett Code Enforcement to find out if anything is being done about the mold problem at the apartment complex. Jim Brown, the Director of Code Enforcement, said that during a visual inspection, the city did find mold.

After the discovery, Bartlett Code Enforcement placed ‘do not occupy’ signs in the complex. Two units in the complex were deemed uninhabitable.

Sidle said, “It’s been very stressful. I’ve had to uproot my kids from the home that they know – that we’ve worked very hard to provide for them.”

When a local news station contacted Quail Ridge Highland Apartments, the apartment complex refused to comment about the situation.

Sidle told reporters that the employees of the complex sprayed her apartment with chemicals while the family wasn’t home. She said that those chemicals, coupled with the mold, have sickened her children.

“Black mold can cause all sorts of respiratory problems, headaches, and dizziness,” Jon Gambrell, the owner of a mold remediation company said. Gambrell’s company performed the original testing in the apartment complex’s units. The company is also helping families who have been affected to decontaminate their moldy properties.

Gambrell said that anyone who is experiencing a similar situation should seek professional help.

“They need to call a certified professional, have their apartment looked at or their property tested, just to rule out the possibility of having mold,” Gambrell said.

According to Bartlett Code Enforcement, Heritage Properties, the company that owns Quail Ridge Highlands, the complex where Sidle and her family live, is being cooperative. The company intends on sending someone to inspect the apartments.

The Sidle family told a local news station that they have a lawyer and intend on fighting their eviction in court.

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