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Despite dry climate, black mold is a serious problem in Utah

Many people often think that mold isn’t a problem in a dry climate like Utah; after all, mold only thrives in moist locations. But just because the climate is dry, that doesn’t mean that moisture isn’t present inside, and where there’s moisture, there’s the potential for mold growth. A family in Taylorsville knows all too well the reality of mold growth in an arid climate. Their house was so contaminated with mold that the entire structure had to be torn down in order to get rid of it. Now that the news about the family’s problem has become public knowledge, people throughout Utah are concerned about issues in their own homes.

The Grove family attracted a lot of attention when they discovered black mold in their home. The problem was so severe that three of their boys’ health was seriously compromised by living in the contaminated home. The Grove parents were completely surprised when they learned that there was black mold growing in their home, an issue that clean-up crews and even the health department, says aren’t really an issue in Utah because the climate is do dry.

The issues the Grove family experienced, while they may not be common, did call to attention the fact that mold growth certainly can happen in Utah, and if it’s growing in your home, it can be devastating.

The Jeppsons of Provo, are living in a three bedroom, one bath rental. The family consists of six children, and the rental house is the last place they want to be raising their children. However, Neighborhood Housing of Provo is allowing them to stay at the rental out of sympathy while the family determines what they should do about their own home. They can’t live in their own house because it is so contaminated with different types of mold, including Stachybotrys, or toxic black mold.

Erin Jepson said that the problem in their home was so bad that it nearly killed her son Ryan. “He was lying lifeless on our kitchen floor, breathing really heavy, really hard.” Now, Ryan has to live with long-term complications as a result of mold exposure.

Doctor Rod Larson of Rocky Mountain Center at the University of Utah, told a local new station that, “Mold is everywhere and used a lot for positive purposes.” He said that there’s mold in your house this very moment, but it isn’t all toxic, and it affects people differently. But depending on the type of mold and your health, indoor mold growth can cause serious complications; for example, it can exacerbate pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and other respiratory health problems. In the case of Ryan Jeppson, he never had breathing problems before, but now he has developed asthma.

Mold Inspection & Testing Salt Lake City has vast experience performing mold tests in Utah. Don’t just assume that because the climate is arid in the state that you can’t be affected by mold. We strongly encourage all homeowners to arrange for regular mold testing to ensure their health isn’t in danger. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 385.218.0558.