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Code enforcement investigating after Aurora woman discovers mushroom growing out of her shower

Jacqueline Martinez moved into her very first apartment with her daughter just a few months ago. Her apartment is in the Courtyards at Buckley, located in Aurora, a city located just outside of Denver.

Martinez and her daughter were happy in their new apartment, but those feelings of happiness turned to horror when she discovered a troubling sight: a mushroom growing in her daughter’s bathroom.

“I was just concerned because my daughter does have respiratory issues,” Martinez said. It is known that those who suffer from pre-existing respiratory conditions are more prone to health complications when they are exposed to mold, so Martinez’s concerns are justifiable.

Martinez also said that she found what looks to be black mold growing along the side of her shower.

“It was just disgusting!” she exclaimed. “I mean, what else is growing underneath there?” she asked.

The problems in Martinez’s unit aren’t the first known issues at the Courtyard at Buckley Apartments. Aurora Code Enforcement has issued two other violations to the apartment complex over the past month. A spokesperson for the city of Aurora said that five other complaints have been filed, as well, but that Code Enforcement has not been able to follow up because the parties that reported the complaints were not present, withdrew their statements, or moved out of the complex.

A local news station inquired about the latest inspection for the Martinez apartment. Code Enforcement said that the next inspection will take place soon.

After finding the harrowing discovery, Martinez promptly contacted maintenance, who came and removed the mushroom. However, while the mushroom may be gone, Martinez does not believe that the problem has been solved. She said that the thinks that the problem is extensive and that they really need to be properly addressed.

Other residents of the apartment complex have complained that maintenance painted over existing mold instead of remediating it.

Howard Schenker, the vice president of Premier Environmental LLC, said, “You need to find the source [of the problem] because if don’t remove the source that’s causing the mold to grow, it’s going to come back.” Schenker’s company deals with asbestos and mold abatement in the Denver metro area.

According to Schenker, to properly remove mold, the studs of the affected area are usually sanded down and then treated with a chemical that prevents mold from growing back.

JRK Property Holdings, located in Los Angeles, manages the Aurora apartment complex. When the local news station reached out to property manager, they declined to answer.

The city of Aurora performs systematic inspections on all apartment complexes every two years. Mold is known to cause a number of adverse health problems, so having buildings inspected on a regular basis is imperative.

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