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If you are noticing strange conditions inside your home or business in the great state of Texas, you may have a mold problem. Unless you have dealt with problems like this in the past, chances are that you are not sure what a mold inspection Houston is or what to do next. That’s where we come in! The experts at MI&T Houston are in the business of helping home and business owners of Houston, TX, just like yourself, who are concerned mold may be negatively impacting their indoor air quality.

Elevated mold for an indoor environment is not something that should be taken lightly. Recent studies show that breathing in the spores that are released into the air by this fungus on a regular basis can have serious consequences; this is especially true for the very young and elderly, as well as people with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, companies that offer mold remediation services often take advantage of people’s concerns in order to get more work. That’s not the case with Mold Inspection & Testing Houston. We’re a top-rated mold inspection company that solely focuses on testing indoor air quality and checking for visible mold growth. With our professional mold testing services, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive honest results regarding the status of indoor mold growth in your Houston area home or business. Unlike other Houston mold companies that offer both mold testing and mold remediation services and fabricate the results so that their clients will purchase their expensive remediation and restoration services, Mold Inspection & Testing only offers mold testing services. We do not offer remediation services, so we falsify test results just to sell another service. With that said, however, we do make recommendations for effective removal based on the lab results and inspection reports for your property and can direct you to a highly recommended mold remediation company in your specific zip code.

Houston Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Houston Mold Inspector

Charles Phillip Curry

Professional Background (Include any relevant schooling, certifications or work experience):

Certified Mold Assessment Consultant, State of Texas; Certified Level I Thermographer; Real Estate License, State of Texas

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

Houston Area: Native Houstonian, Friendly People, Climate/Food/Entertainment/Sports & the Arts Scene

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?

Finding the Areas of Concern that will start the beginning of the healing process for both Home & Homeowner.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it)

Honestly, I am proud of all my inspections that do find an Area of Concern followed by recommended Remediation & then pass Clearance. Then the Client can put this painful event well behind them & move forward.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?

I am thorough & focused at the task at hand no matter how big or small the job. In addition, I personally have had a major mold issue that resulted in my home’s interior being completely remediated & then built back. I know what it’s like being the Client who is told remediation of your property is needed...


Mold Inspection & Testing Houston Texas

While mold can potentially be dangerous, it is also important to know that there are “normal” levels of mold spores in every indoor environment. We also want you to know that certain kinds of mold are NOT toxic and can be treated by yourself and don’t require expensive mold remediation. To determine whether or not the levels of mold in your home or business are safe, we collect samples of your indoor air quality and compare them with outdoor air samples from your area to determine if the levels are normal or elevated. The samples that we’ll collect from your property are sent to a credible lab for testing. Based on the lab results, our mold inspectors may suggest additional testing to a better idea about what is going on in your property. This may include additional air samples from separate rooms or inside walls, or surface samples when visible mold is present.

The overall goal of a Houston mold inspection is to confirm or deny the presence of a mold problem, locate the source of the problem (common sources include water damage, leaks, high humidity levels, and poor ventilation), determine how bad the problem is and how far it has spread throughout your home or business. Our professionally trained mold inspectors have the necessary knowledge and experience to make sure that all of the aforementioned goals are accomplished so that mold problems can be properly diagnosed. While every situation is unique, the mold inspectors at MI&T Houston have seen all types of mold problems, so there’s no doubt that we’ve seen issues just like the ones that you are experiencing. Whether you’ve seen visible black mold in your living room, you suspect mold growth in the apartment units you manage or own, you’re a home buyer who wants to make sure that the property you are purchasing doesn’t have an underlying mold problem, or you just want to have a mold inspection performed in your business to ensure the safety of your staff and clients, with Mold Inspection & Testing Houston, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive the most comprehensive results so you can employ the remediation services that are necessary to restore the indoor air quality of your Houston, TX property. You can be sure that our lab results will give you a much better understanding of what the conditions are like inside your home or business and whether or not you need employ self or professional remediation services.

In many cases, the results of our tests indicate that no mold problems exist and no further action is required. At MI&T Houston, we have no problem telling you this information, as we are honest and do not benefit from the results of your test, unlike other mold testing companies. In cases where a problem is present, our mold inspectors provide every client with a detailed protocol for effective and safe removal. Whenever a location is tested we can make an exact recommendation for the necessary work that needs to be done properly address the problem and restore the safety of your Houston home or business. Our mold report will lay out all the steps that you or a professional mold remediation company should do in order to remedy a problem.

If you have any questions about our mold testing process or you are ready to schedule your Houston mold inspection with a reputable and highly recommended mold testing and inspection company, please call us today at 713-496-0969. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer representatives are standing by and are ready to answer any questions that you may have. Our number one priority here at MI&T Houston, TX is your safety and happiness. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your professional mold testing needs and exceeding your customer service expectations.

Paul Campbell (Sugar Land, TX)
For months I had been having respiratory problems. I started to wonder if this had something to do with flooding in our home back in July from the storms out here in Sugar Land. My Wife and I suspected there may be a mold problem. Testing showed that this whole situation did cause an indoor air quality problem! Chantelle came out and was very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained what he was testing for and steps to take. We are very thankful especially since we are welcoming a new born into our home.

Mold Inspection & Testing Houston TX

MI&T offers all of Houston TX and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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