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Mold plagues new houses in League City community

Residents of Mar Bella, a League City neighborhood, are calling their community a different name these days: ‘Mold’ Bella. Many of the homeowners who live in the neighborhood, which is located about 30 minutes from Houston, claim that moisture issues in their homes have led to indoor mold growth.

Mold growing inside air conditioning units and walls has forced dozens of Mar Bella property owners to move out of their new homes. Many of the homeowners are frustrated with the problem and they are demanding that Taylor Morrison, the builder who constructed the homes answer questions.

Morrison built more than 1,000 houses in the Mar Bella neighborhood.

Many residents are referring to their community as ‘Mold’ Bella because of the mold growth problem.

From the outside, the League City neighborhood looks like the perfect place to live. The houses are aesthetically pleasing and the landscapes are meticulously maintained. But things aren’t always what they seem. From the inside, many of the houses tell a very different story.

Bart Ferdinand, of the Mar Bella community who lives on Sabero Lane, has been living in a Morrison-built home for about four years. “This is our dream house,” he said. “We’re here for the school system and the neighborhood.”

The dream house lived up to Ferdinand and his family’s expectations for a while, but recently, things have changed. A few weeks ago, Ferdinand discovered moisture stains and mold all throughout his “dream” home.

Ferdinand’s house isn’t the only one in Mar Bella that is plagued by moisture and mold. Many other residents who live in homes that Taylor Morrison constructed are experiencing the same issues.

Tanya (who wouldn’t provide her last name) said, “So, it started with, like, wet ceilings, so it prompted me to call the warranty department. They came out. I thought it was very minor. I thought it was going to be an easy, quick fix,” she said.

However, it was anything but easy and quick.

Tanya and her family had to move out of their home on two separate occasions so that Morrison could repair the issues.

She described the situation as “heartbreaking” and a “health hazard”.

“My kids are constantly sick,” said Tanya. “I mean, they’re day-to-day constantly congested. My two-year-old wakes up with a cough almost every day.”

Taylor Morrison, the builder in question, has admitted that there are more than 100 homes in the Mar Bella community that have the same problem. The builder’s company is trying to determine the specific cause of the moisture and mold growth in each of the affected homes and is working on fixing the issues.

Though Taylor Morrison has addressed the problem and is working toward a solution, property owners, like Tanya, are demanding that he find a solution in the very near future.

While homeowner’s like Tanya waited for Morrison to do the work, others, like Ferdinand, hired their own people to take care of the issue.

Mold Inspection & Testing Houston has vast experience performing mold tests in homes throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. We strongly urge all property owners in the Mar Bella community to have mold testing performed in their homes to ensure the safety of their health. To speak with an MI&T representative, please call  713.496.0969.