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Expert Mold Witness

Expert Mold Witness

A common question that is asked from people who anticipate being involved in a law suit from a mold problem, is can we be an expert witness in court? The answer to that question is Yes! While it is at the discretion of each individual judge to qualify a person as an expert at the time of a hearing, each of our inspectors has received education and training in the field that should meet the definition of an expert. We have yet to come across a situation where we were asked to be an expert and not accepted by the judge.

How We Can Help

Most of the time, our services can help avoid these situations through factual evidence mediating the situation between two disagreeing parties. Unfortunately, litigation can not be avoided in some scenarios. Whoever reserves our services can bring us in as an expert witness in court to interpret our report and offer insight as to what is happening at the property.

Obviously you would only want to bring us in if the findings supported your case. Assuming that is true, you will have a huge advantage over the opposing party. Not only will you have the testimony of us as a mold expert but we will also have the laboratory results to back up what what we are saying. Depending on the size of the lawsuit, you may want to consider having a microbiologist there as well. Certain times judges will not let us directly interpret the lab results, only whether or not there is a mold problem, the causes, and extent based on what we saw during the inspection.

Expert Witness Fees

In order to reserve our services as an expert mold witness you must discuss fees directly with the office. Typically they are approximately $200/hour and it usually does not end up being more than 2 hours for small cases. We must charge for this service as their is often preparation with your lawyer, travel and our mold inspector is taken away from his usual inspections to attend any hearings. Shoot us an email or just give us a call at 855-600-6653 for more information.