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Welcome to the home of Mold Inspection & Testing Des Moines, a unbiased Iowa test only assessment company. Whether you already know the importance of having a third party inspector or if you are just now learning about why it is beneficial to have someone separate from a restoration company we can definitely help you out.

The inspection process starts with a full visual check using moisture detection tools and identifying areas of concern. This can be walls, floors, ceilings holding moisture or actual visible growth. During this time they will document various things and take pictures that will later be used for your final report. After the inspector has assessed the entire property they will suggest a plan for mold testing.

Des Moines Mold Inspection and Testing

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David Ekvall

I have 6 years experience in the mold industry and I currently serve the Des Moines metro area along with other areas throughout Iowa. I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life and have lived in waukee for the last 10 years. I love the Des Moines area, after traveling to other states throughout life I’ve learned to appreciate how good we have it in here and how great Iowa really is!

One of the most valuable parts of my job is the ability to give clients piece of mind when it comes to the safety of their home. We all want our home to be safe and I take pride in being able to help protect the safety of any clients home. My focal point is the educate the client of any problematic areas. I use my experiences and training to find out if there is any mold issues in your home and to recommend the proper actions for removal.


Mold Inspection & Testing Des Moines

Each of our inspections includes mold testing, specifically an inside vs. outside air comparison to figure out if elevated conditions exist in the area of main concern. Our inspector will suggest any sample that could potentially offer additional information. This could either be more air samples and/or physical surface tests. The main objective of these tests is typically to confirm a source of a problem and/or to see how far a problem has spread. If there are multiple problem areas with separate sources you may require an air sample from each of these areas in order for us to give you information that you need.

After the Des Moines mold inspection is complete, tests are sent to a independent AIHA accredited laboratory for analysis. If elevated conditions are found, the mold inspector will prepare a secondary report with recommendations for professional mold remediation. Knowing exactly what work needs to be performed will help ensure that you are not paying for any unnecessary work. Essentially paying for our service will help you save money in the long run by either avoiding professional restoration entirely or at least keeping it to a minimum.

MI&T Des Moines is ready to be your personal mold expert. If you have more questions we have numerous informative articles on this website. If you’d rather speak to someone personal or are ready to setup an appointment shoot us an email or give us a call at 515-200-2695.

Mold Inspection & Testing Des Moines IL

MI&T offers all of Des Moines IL and surrounding services unbiased mold inspection and mold testing.

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Liz Hansen (Kissimmee, FL)

They truly care of about the people and the properties they see. I am truly impressed with the service we received. The inspection was so thorough including the air samples. The report was very easy to understand. They spent so much time with us. I am so pleased that I was able to find MI&T.