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If you are observing strange conditions in the indoor environment of your home or business in the surrounding areas of Converse, Texas, you may have a issue with mold. Unless you have dealt with issues like this before, chances are that you are not sure where to turn or what to do next. That’s where we comes in! The experts at Mold Inspection & Testing Converse, Texas are operating to aid home and business owners just like yourself who are concerned mold may be negatively impacting their indoor air quality.

Elevated mold for an indoor environment is not something that should be taken without caution. Lateset studies show that breathing in the spores that are released into the air by this fungus on a normal basis can have serious health implications; this is specifically true for the young and elderly, as well as individuals with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, companies that handle the cleaning of these types of problems often take advantage of people’s apprehension in order to get more work. Other than giving you the steps to treat a problem, we are not affiliated with any part of the removal process. For this reason, you can be certain that the results you get from us are in fact accurate.

Converse Mold Inspection and Testing

Your Converse Mold Inspector

Converse Mold Inspector

Armando Flores

Professional Background:

I have been operating as an Industrial hygienist, in the environmental consulting business since 2002.

Conducting asbestos building inspections, Lead based Paint Inspections, Lead Risk Assessments, Mold Inspections Residential and commercial, I conducted hazardous materials testing for various contaminants on military bases and industrial complexes and during the gulf oil spill in 2010.

I am Texas State Licensed Asbestos Project Manager

I am Texas State Licensed Asbestos Inspector

I am Texas State Licensed Asbestos Air Monitoring Technician

I am a NIOSH Certified Phase Contrast Microscopy analyst for field analysis of asbestos duct samples.

I am Texas State Licensed Lead (the metal) Risk Assessor.

I am a Texas Certified Niton analyzer user for testing paint for lead.

I am Texas State Licensed Mold Assessment Consultant.

I have completed 92 college credit hours towards a Bachelor of Science Geology degree. Graduating in the spring of 2022.

Major Metro Served: How long have you lived here and what do you like most about living in this area.

I Live and work in the San Antonio, Texas area for 25 years. I think it is great in San Antonio, because it is a big city with many economic opportunities for families and many tourist attractions.

What do you like most about being a mold inspector?

I like helping clients solve their mold problems that leads to healthy lives for them.

Describe an inspection that you are particularly proud of: (Specifics on mold issue, Client relationship, What was rewarding about it).

In 2015 I was assigned to conduct a mold inspection for the purposes of developing a mold remediation protocol, at a luxury hotel in Austin, Texas. All of the guest rooms and many common areas on the 1st floor in the six floor hotel experienced water damage that was introduced into the wall cavities on the exterior and demising walls of the guest rooms. Subsequently mold growth was discovered when the restoration company was called in to expeditiously remove all the wet Building materials before mold starts to grow. THIs is a losing battle, because in South Texas mold will grow in 3 days if the wet materials are not dried out aggressively. This job ended being a multimillion dollar project for my client. Who did not hire a project manager consultant to manage the coordination between the restoration company the insurance adjustors and their mold consultants and me. Oh, yes they brought in their own mold consultant to check on my work because they were paying the claim, so they wanted to make sure that what I was recommending was accurate. My Client allowed the hotel manager to do this coordination. The reason that this is the highlight of my career is because I was able to convince all the parties involved that my fulltime presence was essential, so they paid me to be onsite for three months straight, because I helped the project progress quickly, being Onsite, ready to conduct assessments and clearances immediately.

Why should a prospective client choose you to perform their mold inspection?

Because of my experience in conducting over 1,000 residential and commercial mold inspections. I have seen the worst cases scenarios and have experience in dealing with clients directly and with insurance companies. I have testified in court as an expert witness because my clients have sued for payment of claims or have been sued. I have been asked to explain my mold inspection results. I had a wealthy client that manages high end hotel and resort properties. I conducted 4 mold inspections at four of their properties in the Dallas, Texas area in 2015. They had two insurance carriers on their properties, the insurance would only pay them 25% of all the millions of mold remediation and rebuilding that occurred in 2015. They sued. I was contacted by their lawyers because my name and license was on the mold Remediation Protocols for four of the properties.The lawyer for client called me a week after my testimony informing me that the insurance companies decided to settle out of court with my client. I just don’t like bullies even if they are bullying a wealthy client.


Mold Inspection & Testing Converse

While mold can possibly be hazardous, it is also important to know that there are “ordinary” levels of mold inside every indoor environment. We also want you to know that certain species of mold are NOT toxic and can be treated by yourself without an needless remediation company. In order to find out exactly what is going on at the property in question, we do Mold Testing Converse, Texas. This is done by comparing an outside sample from your area to an inside sample to see if levels are normal or elevated. Our technician may suggest additional testing to get a improved picture of a situation. This may include additional air samples from alternate rooms or inside walls, or surface samples when visible mold is evident.

The overall goal of a Converse Mold Inspection in Texas is to confirm or deny the presence of a mold issue, pinpoint the source, find out how bad it is, and how far it has spread. The mold tests our technicians conduct have the ability to make sure all of the above are accomplished. While every situation is unique, everyone employed by Mold Inspection & Testing Converse has seen limitless number of problems very similar to yours. You can be sure that by the period our report is finished you will have a much better understanding of what is going on and exactly what does or does not need to happen.

Sometimes we get results showing that no problem exists and no further action is required. We have no problem telling you this as we do not gain from your results unlike other companies. In cases where a problem is present, we provide every client with a comprehensive protocol for restoration. Whenever a property is tested we can make an exact suggestion for work that needs to be done. Our report will list out all the steps that you or a professional mold remediation company should do in order to fix a problem.

If you have any questions or are looking to schedule your mold inspection Converse, Texas please telephone us today at 210-446-0912.

Mold Inspection & Testing Converse Texas

If you need mold testing at your home or business in the San Antonio area, give the MI&T a call at (210) 446-0912 we are the most trusted mold inspection in the country.

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Richard Thomas (Alamo Heights, TX)

I had an inspection done on a condo in Alamo Heights I am considering purchasing after I found out about a water leak it had and I found their service to be excellent. The inspector arrived on time and did a very thorough examination of the property. He explained what he was doing and why, and answered all my questions. The initial results came the next day, as promised, along with a full report. The report was very detailed and the explanations, analysis and recommendations were clear. I had no idea about this sort of thing but am happy I found a company like MI&T to guide me through the process.

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