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White Mold

We regret to inform you that White Mold is not the “good guy” counterpart to the ever so popular black mold. Typically this color mold is going to be Penicillium Aspergillius in high concentrations. While most people are concerned about whether they have a “toxic” species present, this can be just as bad to have indoors at high levels, if not worse.

What Causes White Mold?

Prior to becoming visible, white mold or Penn/Asp is very common to see at low levels within a home or business. When you introduce water, moisture, and humidity along with organic nutrients it has the opportunity to colonize and spread. This species of mold will show itself in just about every scenario you can think of when a problem is left untreated for some time.


Is White Mold Dangerous?

While not “toxic” like stachybotrys, White mold can most definitely be a hazard to your health. This is an allergenic species of mold that many people can have allergic reactions to. So even if you only have slightly elevated conditions, someone who is allergic can suffer within that environment while another person may be perfectly fine. This type of mold is easily airborne and if high concentrations are present we feel that anyone can be susceptible to problems. The jury is still out on long term effects, but we have seen first hand the issues this can cause if the problem is bad enough. Many clients have reported serious health issues that typically subside when problems are fixed. Even I have had shortness of breathe, dry mouth and dizziness from being in an indoor environment with a lot of white mold without a mask… lesson learned!


How to Remove White Mold

You do not remove specific species of mold, you remediate the entire problem and rid the species in the process. In general you need to remove all contaminated porous materials; drywall, insulation, carpet, etc. Clean and treat all structural damage with anti-microbial, and run air scrubbers for 48-72 hours to filter out the excess mold spores from the air.


Pictures of White Mold:

Is White Mold Dangerous

Pictures of White Mold

White Mold

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