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Unless you have dealt with indoor mold problems in the past, chances are you are a bit confused about the whole situation. Our company is in business to supply the people of Tampa mold inspection with answers to all the questions they have about what does and does not need to be done. Chances are you are here for one of the following reasons:

  • Feeling Sick

  • Strange Smell

  • Purchasing or Leasing a new property

  • See something Strange

  • Post Mold Removal Clearance Test

  • Peace of Mind

Mold Testing Tampa

Regardless of what the situation may our expert Tampa mold inspectors have seen situations just like yours countless times and know what needs to be done. Not only our MI&T’s inspectors experienced and certified, but they are also equipped with state of the art technology like moisture meters, C02/Humidity reader, and Thermal Imaging Camera. The infrared camera is so valuable because it allows us to see what is going on behind building materials like drywall. This is crucial for finding problems that the naked eye can not see and preventing something from becoming a big problem.

The most important service that we offer is Mold Testing Tampa FL. Other companies that offer “free mold inspections” are not including this service as it is most certainly not free. Chances our that free inspection that you saw is just a visual followed by a sales pitch for mold remediation that they offer. The only way to find out for sure what is happening is air and surface sample collection. Testing the air quality and collecting samples from visual growth will let you know 100% whether or not you need professional intervention or not. For those who do have test results come back “elevated”, we provide detailed step by step protocols for removal.

Mold Test Tampa

Knowing exactly what needs to be done is very useful information when Georgia mold remediation is needed. Being able to tell whatever company you hire exactly what needs to be done will make sure that you avoid any and all unnecessary work. By limiting the scope of work, you make sure that bill you get from that company is as small as possible. Our report is also very helpful when it comes to getting insurance claims covered. You will be taken much more seriously when you have an assessment from a professional in the field in your hand.

Mold Inspector Tampa

Here at MI&T Tampa FL, we are in business to help you! Please feel free to call us and ask to speak with a mold inspector or customer represenative that will answer be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking to schedule a Tampa mold inspection call 813-358-4768 or shoot us an email. If early enough in the day we can usually get someone out to you that same day and have results available as soon as next day.

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