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To speak to a customer representative of the most respected test only company in the United States, please call us at 412-444-5374. Our certified mold inspectors are typically able to get to your location within 24 hours. They’ll perform a complete Pittsburgh mold inspection of your entire property. Each inspector has the knowledge that comes with doing countless inspections and are equipped with state of the art tools like thermal imaging camera and moisture meter. Data is gathered using these tools to create a report after air and surface samples are submitted to an independent lab.

Those lab results will show exactly what species of mold are present in the areas tested along with the quantity of each. The report created with this information will have a detailed step by step protocol for mold removal. It will include where the source of the problem is, how far it has spread, and what needs to be done to fix it. It is also possible that the tests collected will show that you have acceptable levels of mold within your indoor environment. Customers in this situation will simply be told that no further action is required.

Pittsburgh Mold Inspection and Testing

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John Carter

Professional Background:

Area served: Pittsburgh, PA Region
Internachi certified Home & Mold inspector

I am an internachi certified Home and Mold inspector with 4 years of experience and 8 years of construction experience. My main objective is to help the client identify all areas of concern prior to doing any samples.

The best part of my job is helping the clients identify any issues and seeing the peace of mind they get.

I strive to do the best possible job finding anything that may be causing mold issues that I can.


Mold Inspection & Testing Pittsburgh

Choosing to hire an inspector independent of the mold removal process is the best choice to make when deciding how to handle a possible indoor mold growth problem. There are restoration companies that offer inspections and would not alter reports to say what they need it to in order to push an expensive remediation; but why would you want to allow that possibility. We are in business for that reason, we give an unbiased opinion without a conflict of interest. Since we are not affiliated with the removal process, it is no problem for us to tell you no problem exists at all. You can not only trust that we will let you know the facts, but also equip you with information that will keep professional intervention costs as low as possible.

Here at Mold Inspection & Testing Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, we know that you are probably frustrated with the unusual predicament you have found yourself in. There are common situations that people contact us for advice or to book an appointment like health problems, strange smells, visible growth, or real estate transactions. We’d like to say we’ve seen it all but truth is every situation is unique in its own way. What we can tell you is that we have seen problems very similar to yours and will determine exactly what the problem is if it is stemming from indoor mold growth. For home and business owners that do hire a professional mold removal company to complete work, make sure you get a clearance test to ensure the job was completed. This should be completed before any build back is started. Doing things in this order will make sure the air quality has returned to normal and all mold growth has been dealt with.

MI&T hopes that this introduction to our company and services has given you a better understanding of exactly what we offer. Mold testing Pittsburgh offers certainty in an unfamiliar scenario. Spending some money on an independent evaluation could save you hundreds or even thousands in mold removal costs. Our customer representatives are standing by to answer any questions you have or schedule a Pittsburgh mold inspection if you are ready; our phone number is 412-444-5374.

Mold Inspection & Testing Pittsburgh PA

Call MI&T Pittsburgh (412) 444-5374 if you want more information about mold testing or would like to schedule a mold inspection

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John Burgess (Beaver Falls, PA)

I had my inspection done yesterday and was blown away by the outstanding customer service and thoroughness in answering all my concerns regarding a possible black mold situation in the house I lease in Beaver Falls. Not only did they get back to me right away, they were genuinely concerned and went above and beyond in not just answering my questions but also followed up with possible solutions to my problem. I have no doubt that the services they provide are superb and will most definitely use them and highly recommend their services in the future.

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