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If you are here, you probably have questions about our mold inspection services. What is included, when should you get one, how much does it cost, who will perform the job, and how is the process started are all common questions that we hear from potential clients. Hopefully at the end of this article, you will have a much better understanding of what MI&T offers and why our service is so valuable so people concerned about indoor air quality problems.


What is Included?

What is a mold Inspection

Lets start off with what is included in a mold inspection. Our basic package includes a full visual of the entire home or business with use of tools like moisture meters and/or a thermal imaging camera. Essentially what we are looking for is red-flag areas water intrusion, building materials holding excess moisture, and possible visible mold growth. Once the visual is complete our inspector will identify their greatest area of concern. Unless you say otherwise, this will be where they will collect an inside air sample. We also must take a control sample from outside to set baseline numbers for what is acceptable in your area; this also makes our test results legally binding. Comparing these 2 air samples will let us know whether or not elevated conditions exist at your location or not. If our inspector does find problem areas like mentioned above they will recommend additional samples.


Additional Samples

What is included in a mold inspection

Additional samples past your initial 2 air tests are available at an extra cost, but they are completely up to you whether you want them taken or submitted or not. While the original two tests must be air; extra samples could be air, surface, or both. Our inspector will be able to give you precise details about why they would like to collect something and how it could be beneficial to you. Taking supplemental samples supplies us with extra information that we sometimes need. They help us determine if there is mold that is present but not airborne, confirm a source of a problem, or exactly how far a problem has spread. All of this data is often crucial for creating the best report possible for you.


Lab Results and Protocol for Mold Removal


After the inspection is complete, our inspector sends of all of the mold tests collected to an independent laboratory for analysis. After the lab  has done their thing, they create detailed lab results that show what species of mold are present and how much of it is there. From this we can determine whether or not elevated conditions exist in the home or not. Customers that do have elevated conditions in their home or business will be provided with a report detailing steps that need to be taken for mold removal. Customers that take all the samples recommended by our inspector will receive exact steps laying out what needs to be done to fix the problem. Clients that do not submit additional samples recommended by the inspector will receive as much information as we can possibly give. However, it is important to understand that if you have 3 different (for example) separate problem areas and the only testing you did was inside and outside samples, the report we are able to give is limited. We can offer opinions such as the problem looks to be coming from this area, here are general mold removal steps that are typically taken. For liability purposes, we can NOT say a specific wall needs to be ripped down and give exact steps that need to be taken unless we confirm that problem is in fact the source of the problem through testing. For more information on this topic, please read how many samples do I need?


When Should you get a Mold Inspection?

We have customers come to us for an inspection and testing for various reasons. All of them have one thing in common, something has them concerned about the possibility of mold growth negatively impacting the indoor air quality inside their home or business. Some of the reasons that people come to us for advice are as follows.

The property owner, tenant, or employee is experiencing declining health that they feel are due to mold symptoms. These signs include but are not limited to sneezing, coughing, congestion, dry eyes, runny nose, irritated throat/skin, respiratory problems, or gastrointestinal issues. Many people have mold allergies and may be more sensitive to these sort of problems than others, so while one person is suffering someone in that same property might not feel anything at all.

Another reason we are brought in is before/after a water damage restoration project. We can determine if these issues are present and whether or not a mold remediation project has been completed correctly or not.

We are also brought in when people notice something out of the ordinary like strange odors or visible mold growth. We determine whether or not what they are experiencing is from mold and whether or not it warrants concern and professional mold remediation.

Pre-purchase real estate transactions are another common time that we are brought in to do an evaluation. When making an investment as large as purchasing a property, you want to cover all your bases to avoid costly repairs. A mold problem can temporarily be covered up with cleaning and painting over problems in order to make a sale. Our air samples can uncover these unethical techniques and keep potential buyers safe having to deal with somebody else’s problems.

Other customers are simply just looking for peace of mind. We typically do inspections like this when a family is about to bring a new member into the world. Recent studies show that young people are especially susceptible to being impacted by these types of problems. Many even suggest that being exposed to high levels of mold spores at an early age can trigger the development of asthma or mold allergies. Many parents want to make sure that they keep their little one is safe from all potential dangers.

How Much does a mold inspection cost

nspection fees are based on your location, typically $250-350 for a full inspection and the initial 2 air samples, plus $75 for any additional samples you want taken and submitted. The initial cost is dependent on what service area you are in. If you would like an estimate of how many additional samples may be recommended please send us an email or give us a call to discuss your situation.


Who will perform the Job?

Mold Inspector

If you choose to go with MI&T for your mold inspection, you can be sure that one of the most qualified mold inspectors in your area will be coming out to perform the inspection. We only work with technicians that a certified by one of the major educational branches in the mold field; iaqa. acac, or micro for example. Unlike other independent inspectors, we have a full company providing customer service and making sure our inspector is doing a quality job. If you complain to someone running a one man operation they go in one ear and out the other. We take any and all complaints seriously and will take whatever action necessary in order to continue a reputation of excellent service within your area; even if that means finding a different inspector for future jobs.



Typically we can get a complete mold inspection done and your results back to you much sooner than you think. If you call us early in the day we can often get someone out to you that same day or usually within 24 hours. From start to finish, the inspection itself lasts around an hour or so. After that, results and your report will be given to you within 2-4 business days depending on how backed uo the lab is. We also guarantee next day results at an additional cost.

If you have more questions, please feel free to give us a call at 855-600-6653 for immediate assistance, we look forward to hearing from you.