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Mold Inspection and Testing

Warnings issued after batches of marijuana sold in Las Vegas test positive for mold and bacteria

A public health and safety advisory has been issued by the Nevada Department of Taxation. The advisory warns that marijuana sold in Las Vegas has failed secondary microbial testing.

The notice stated that the advisory was a follow up to one that was issued in December of 2019. The first advisory stated that four marijuana products tested positive for harmful fungi and bacteria growth.

The most recent advisory issued by the Nevada Department of Taxation listed 20 products that they suggest consumers avoid purchasing because of concerns related to fungi and bacteria growth. Those products include:

  • Jack Herer
  • Cactus OG
  • White OG B Bend
  • Wookie
  • Fruitcake
  • Blue Zkittlez
  • CherryOG-F3
  • Last OG
  • King Kong Cookies
  • White OG
  • Lavender Jones
  • Zombie Kush
  • Monster Cookies
  • TK Stardawg Haze
  • Vegas Golden Kush
  • Code Orange
  • Two strains of Purple Goats

These strains of marijuana have either failed total Coliforms testing, total Enterbacteriacease testing, Aspergillus testing, or total yeast and mold tests. Many of the products failed several tests.

According to the Nevada Department of Taxation, about 30 stores in the Las Vegas area sold the affected strains of marijuana. The marijuana products were sold in flower form and as pre-rolled joints.

Though there are no known reports of illnesses related to the use of infested products, there may be health effects related to using marijuana products that contain yeast and mold, bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria, Aspergillus, and coliforms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does list general information regarding how these contaminants may impact people. The agency states that exposure to mold may result in a variety of health effects; particularly to those who are sensitive to molds, have compromised immune systems, or who have pre-existing respiratory conditions. According to the CDC, symptoms of mold exposure can include wheezing, nasal congestion, red and itchy eyes, and skin irritation. Severe reactions to mold exposure can also include fever and shortness of breath.

While the inhalation of marijuana products that are tainted with mold and yeast has not been confirmed, it is believed that there could be negative health effects, given the fact that breathing in the spores can cause adverse reactions. Therefore, it is in consumers’ best interest to avoid using marijuana products that are affected by mold growth.

The source of the mold in the marijuana products is not known; however, it is believed that the mold growth occurred in the facilities where they were grown or stored prior to being shipped to distributors.

Mold Inspection & Testing Las Vegas has vast experience performing mold assessments in buildings throughout the city, including marijuana dispensaries, warehouses, and growing facilities. We strongly urge all buildings that are associated with marijuana products to arrange for regular mold testing to confirm if mold spores are present in the facilities. By performing tests and identifying the existence of mold, there is a good chance that mold infestation on the products that are grown and sold could be avoided. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 702.800.0155.