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Tenants forced to live with mold and pests

From the exterior, the apartment building that sits on the north side of a commercial corridor looks just like just like any other; however, it’s when you look inside that you immediately notice that it isn’t like any other apartment building, and that the conditions tenants have to endure are horrifying.

Shakeen Aslam, a resident of the apartment building, which is located at 2727 W. Devon Ave.  said that he stopped paying his rent because the conditions inside his apartment were so horrific. He said that the ceiling was rotting, the wiring was exposed and jerry-rigged, and that electrical meters were rusting from water that was leaking down on them from the ceiling above.

Aslam said that pipes and high-voltage electrical cabled are all packed into enclosures, noting that it’s an incredible hazardous situation. He also said that his apartment has leaking water from broken pipes, droppings from rodents are on every surface, and that there is black mold growing on the walls, which was hidden by wallpaper. Aslam said that the management wallpapered over the mold in an attempt to hide it.

Aslam isn’t the only one who has had a similar experience. Sekhar Maturi, another resident of the apartment building, also said that his apartment is infested with bedbugs and roaches. He said that the conditions are unbelievable at night and that he is unable to sleep.

The residents of the Chicago apartment building said that they have complained about the conditions to the landlord on multiple occasions, but that the landlord has done nothing to resolve them.

City inspectors eventually paid a visit to the apartment building. After performing an inspection, the landlord was cited with more than 30 violations. Despite this, however, a judge ordered Aslam evicted from the apartment when he went to housing court.

He said that the landlord is a criminal and that he needs to be prosecuted. He noted that there are small children, families, and senior citizens living in the apartment building. If a fire were to break out, they would not be able to jump to their death, he said. “This is completely horrible!”

There is no word if the conditions of the apartment building in question have been improved. After attempting to make multiple contacts, news agencies have not received any response. If the conditions are still as deplorable, it is clear that the residents of the building are in serious danger and that the landlord should be held accountable.

Hearings are set with the Department of Buildings, during which the landlord will testify.

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