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Mold, roaches, and rats are plaguing Clinton Lofts residents, who claim they are being threatened with eviction

Shelense Webb, a resident of Clinton Lofts in Rochester, says that she has been forced to endure severe issues that are impacted her quality of life. As if that isn’t bad enough, Webb also says her landlord is also threatening her with eviction. She says that her apartment no longer feels like home.

“It’s horrible. Every day, I wake up and feel frustrated with how I’m living,” Webb said. She lives on one of the three buildings at Clinton Lofts.

Webb alleges that there were large rats living underneath her refrigerator ever since she moved into her apartment. She also claims that there is a large infestation of cockroaches, which made their way into her home via holes in the walls. Lastly, Webb says that her apartment is contaminated with toxic black mold. She isn’t the only one who is experiencing these types of harrowing problems. Webb also says that many of the other residents of the Clinton Lofts apartments have experienced similar issues and that they have been asking to have the problems addressed for months.

Jaquan Terry, another resident of the apartment complex, said that some of the residents are planning on taking Ron Zour, the property owner, to court.

“This has been going on for a while now,” said Terry. “We’ve been trying to get maintenance to take care of it, but they haven’t. No one should have to live like this.”

After Pamela Owns of the City Tenants Union learned about Clinton Lofts, she has been letting residents know about their rights and is fighting to have the problems addressed. According to Webb, Owens has given the residents of the apartment complex a voice that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

“Pam invited herself into my apartment with openness. Not judging me, like, ‘Oh, look how nasty’, but asking, ‘How did it get like this?” Webb said.

Both Webb and Owens say that the property owner, Zour, is conducting evictions. As per Rochester’s Landlord Tenant Court, Zour has taken evictions to court, even after a statement was issued by the media that said he was going to withdraw the evictions. While Webb isn’t one of the tenants who are being evicted, she wants the building to be repaired and safe to inhabit for everyone.

“I just want you (Zour) to help!” Webb said.

A local news station reached out to Ron Zour multiple times in an attempt to clarify the evictions and where he stands on the problems residents have complained about and evicting them. The news station has not yet received. Despite their efforts, Zour has yet to respond to the news statio.

The local news station did get in touch with Ron Zour on multiple occasions; however despite their attempts, Zour had yet to respond.

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