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Mold found in Daytona Beach City Hall requires costly mitigation

Mold remediation has begun at Daytona Beach City Hall. After several complaints were made, a mold assessment was performed at City Hall. The assessment revealed that mold was, in fact, growing within certain parts of the building.

A local news station was able to gain access to a report that highlighted some of the details pertaining to the mold growth at City Hall. The report indicated that mold was growing within one of the finance department offices; however, the report also stated that none of the employees who work in the office have gotten sick as a result of mold exposure.

The report also detailed that mold was found in the customer advocate’s room office of the City Commissioners, as well as the reception area of the City Clerk. Both of these rooms are located on the second level of City Hall. The report states that other than these locations, the rest of the rooms within City Hall tested at “acceptable levels” for mold spores.

According to the report, aspergillus and penicillum airborne mold spores were found to be slightly elevated within the affected rooms. Aspergillius mold is usually found growing in areas where humidity levels are high or in areas that have been damaged by water. Some species of this strain of mold can cause serious illnesses in human beings. In animals this species of mold can be pathogenic.

Penicillium, the other species of mold found growing in Daytona Beach City Hall, is usually found growing on or under wallpaper, on or under carpeting, and on upholstery and other types of fabrics. Exposure to this type of mold can lead to breathing issues.

When a reporter from the local news station inquired about the source of the mold growth, a representative from City Hall said that it was the result of high humidity levels in the building. This is not surprising, as humidity levels are high in many buildings throughout Daytona Beach. However, while the representative did reveal that high humidity levels were to blame, the cause of those heightened levels was not confirmed.

The cost of cleaning up and restoring Daytona Beach City Hall is going to cost an estimated $25,000. The City Commission is expected to approve the funds for the restoration. Once the funds are approved, it is expected that remediation will begin promptly. The City Hall representative said that the building would be cleaned up soon; however, no timeframe was given.

Mold thrives in damp, warm, and dark conditions. With its close proximity to the water, high humidity levels and warm year round temperatures, indoor mold growth is very common in Daytona Beach.

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