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Mold Exposure Possible Cause for Child’s Illness

Charlotte resident Jessica Smith says that here 1-year-old is severely ill as a result of being exposed to mold in their apartment.

According to Smith, after suffering a long-list of severe symptoms, doctor’s tested her son for mycotoxins, toxins that are produced by airborne mold spores. When the results came back, Smith and doctors were horrified to learn that the levels of mycotoxins in the 1-year-old were the highest level that a lab has ever seen. The news of Jessica Smith’s son’s conditions came just a few months after local news sources investigated their apartment and uncovered mold growth that occurred as a result of water damage.

Jessica and her young son, Lynden Mitchell, live in an apartment unit in the Northcross Townhomes. The discovery of water damage and mold growth in their apartment led to a federal investigation by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). After performing a comprehensive investigation and conducting mold tests, the Northcross Townhomes failed to pass safe mold levels.

Smith blames the apartment for the current condition that her son is in.

Lynden Mitchell had several health complications from the time that he was born. These issues have compromised his immune system and left him vulnerable to respiratory infections.

Because of his vulnerability to respiratory infections, Mitchell’s doctors requested to have his home tested for mold. If the tests revealed that mold was present, his doctors requested that it be promptly removed.

Mitchell’s mother, Jessica Smith, reached out to local news stations and requested that they investigate the reason why the management of the family’s apartment had failed to repair the existing water damage problems in their home. Smith provided videos of water pouring out of the ceiling in several different locations in their apartment, as well as photos of what looked like mold growing on the walls.

Smith also provided a recording from Charmon Durham, the property manager of Northcross Townhomes, which stated that there was “no mold found”. Smith issued a complaint about what she believed to be mold growing on the walls of her apartment and the types of testing that were being performed, to which Durham responded, “You don’t live in the walls, you live in the actual apartment.”

A local third-party mold testing company tested Smith’s apartment and found that there were “moderate” levels of mold cladosporium; a toxin that is commonly linked to hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

During the first phase of testing, six types of mold were found in Smith’s apartment. The tests were conducted after the mold was treated with bleach by the property maintenance. A second round of testing found that the levels of cladosporium were “very heavy” and that levels of acremonium, another mold toxin, were “moderate”.

Mitchell, the 1-year-old in question, was tested for mold toxins and scored “off the charts” for mycotoxins. Tests also revealed a high level of Ochratoxin A. in his system.

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