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Mold causes a serious dilemma for a Lincoln City family

Toxic black mold could be spreading throughout your homes and affecting your health before you even realize it’s there. How do you know? What can you do about it?

Joaquin and Stephanie Waldroop of Lincoln City believe that their family has been exposed to mold growth in their home for years, but they only realized there was a problem a few months ago. By the time the discovered the problem, they say that their health problems had gotten worse. Symptoms the family were experiencing included skin rashes, consistent and intense headaches, nosebleeds, and colds that seemed to be never-ending. One of their children also developed kidney stones and their baby’s teeth were decaying. The couple says that even their pets – a dog and cat – were having skin problems.

The Waldroop’s said that they even smelled moldy, but they didn’t realize it. Their friends and family noticed it, but didn’t mention the scent because they didn’t want to embarrass them.

The couple’s calls for help have done nothing for them.

The family has resided in their apartment, located in southeast Lincoln City, for six years. After filing multiple complains about a leaking kitchen sink, the property owner final responded.

A maintenance worker opened up the wall, which revealed a leak in the drain in the drain of the upstairs bathroom. By the time the leak was discovered, mold and fungus had already colonized in the walls of the apartment.

“We notified four different onsite managers before anyone came to look at our wall,” Joaquin said. “After they say the mold, workers cam wearing hazmat suits.”

Because the mold problem was so severe, the Waldroop’s were forced to abandon their home.

“Our doctor said to walk away,” Joaquin said. “She said to not touch anything in the home. She said our cherished items, like stuffed animals, were contaminated and we can’t take them with us.”

The family has been living with friends and staying in motels while they try to figure out what they should do about their lease. According to Joaquin, the most frustrating part about it all was that they felt like there as nowhere else they could turn. Calls to the city went unanswered. He said that it felt like anything they tried to do was pointless. The couple contacted a couple of lawyers, but none that could assist them at a price that they could afford.

Renting another home would also be difficult for the family.

“In order to move, we would need first and last month’s rent and a security deposit,” Joaquin staid. “That’s not going to happen.”

Joaquin’s average monthly salary is about $1,600 a month. He’s a postal worker in Depoe Bay. The couple pays $870 a month for their two-bedroom townhome.

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