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Jacksonville apartments have mushrooms growing out of their ceilings

Tenants residing at the Common Apartments on Anniston Road are expressing their concern after their landlord wouldn’t do anything to fix mold and mushrooms that were sprouting from their ceilings and walls.

Megan Bianchi, a Former Commons leasing agent, explained to a local news station how the complex has handled the claims that tenants have made about mold in their doorways, on their walls, and on their ceilings.

“Every day, we had work orders placed and some of them have been there since October and still haven’t been taken care of,” Bianchi said.

She explained that the growth tenants were complaining about was “mold along the walls and mushrooms growing from the ceilings.”

A local news station visited the complex and spoke to three residents who live there. All of the tenants the news station spoke with said that the leaks also cause pools of water on their floors.

“My friend’s baby fell down because there was so much water on the ground. We told them the problem. They were supposed to fix it, but they never fixed it.” Said Carlos Contrears , one of the residents the news station spoke with.

Not long after the news station started speaking with Contreras, they were met by an employee who works for the apartment complex. The problem with the mold that tenants claim they are experiencing was brought up to the employee.

She said, “There’s one person that we’re taking care of and that’s it. That’s all I have to say. You need to leave,” was the response the employee gave to reporters from the news station.

Tenants tell a very different story. They say that the complex did nothing to handle the problem after they had filed multiple complaints.

According to Contreras, the residents called the complex again and again to tell them about the problems they were having with mold and the complex kept telling them that they would look into it, but never did.

Residents don’t know who they should call in order to get the help they need. The apartment complex would not comment when they were asked about the steps that they were taking to remedy the mold problem.

Exposure to mold can cause numerous health problems. Symptoms of mold exposure can include skin irritation, watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, coughing, memory loss, fatigue, and mood changes. In severe cases, it can even cause organ damage and respiratory infections. Those who are most at-risk of developing problems are individuals who have underlying respiratory problems, compromised immune systems, and allergies; however, anyone can suffer from health problems when they are exposed to mold.

Mold Inspection & Testing Jacksonville has vast experience performing mold tests in residential properties, including apartment complexes, throughout the city of Jacksonville. We strongly urge the owners of the Commons Apartments to arrange to have mold testing performed to ensure the safety of their residents. To speak with an MI&T representative, please call 904.300.0099.