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Disaster specialists shares details regarding recent mold inspection in Salt Lake City

A Utah-based disaster specialist is reaching out to the public to share details about a recent mold inspection that was completed in Salt Lake City. The company offers their services to homes that have been damaged by flooding, fires, and mold throughout the state of Utah.

A Salt Lake City homeowner reached out to the disaster specialist with concerns about a possible mold infestation in their home. When the team arrived at the property and completed their inspection, they discovered that there was an extensive case of mold growth around the windows of the Salt Lake City home. Mold was found on the windows and the immediate surroundings; it was also found in the walls underneath the windows. According to the professionals, the fact that the windows weren’t installed properly or sealed during initial construction, several leaks occurred over a period of several years. These leaks created the moisture that is needed for mold growth.

Daryl Olsen, the owner of Utah Disaster Specialists, said, “Mold is very dangerous, and if you so much as suspect that you might have mold in your house – even it if it’s just a momentary smell – you should take immediate action.”

Referencing the Salt Lake City inspection, Olsen said, “There was so much mold in that house that, if it had been ignored, there was the very real possibility of the occupants of the house becoming sick. Fortunately, they acted in time, and we could help them.” According to Olsen, the vast majority of people overlook how dangerous mold can be and he said that he really stressed that homeowner’s should always have their properties inspected by a professional whenever they suspect mold growth. If you are aware that there is a mold problem, don’t ignore it or put it off; delaying testing and remediation can be catastrophic.

According to Olsen, homeowners should always reach out to a professional mold testing company to determine the extent of the damage and what needs to be done to repair it. He said in the above-mentioned case, the homeowners acted fast, but if they hadn’t the issue would be a lot worse. Therefore, if you suspect you have mold growth inside your home, contact a reputable mold testing company to confirm the presence. If it is determined that you need mold inspection and removal, make the necessary efforts to have testing and remediation done. Olsen also said that a lot of Salt Lake City homeowners aren’t as lucky and that they suffer with symptoms that are associated with mold growth and don’t even realize it. By the time the problem is inspected, it’s already so widespread that extensive remediation needs to be done to correct it; worse, the health problems that it may impose could be severe.

Mold Inspection & Testing Salt Lake City has years of experience performing mold assessments in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. If you believe you have mold growth, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 385.218.0558.