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Concerns of mold growth at Texas A&M on-campus housing

The mother of a student who attends Texas A&M in Corpus Christi is voicing concerns about indoor mold growth in her son’s on-campus housing.

Adrianne Salinas’ son, Jeremey, is a student at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, where, the pair says there is mold growing in his on-campus apartment at the Momentum Village complex. According to Salinas, poor lighting in her son’s room may be the reason why campus officials and American Campus Communities, the company that owns and operates the apartment complex where her son lives, were unable to see the mold growth; however, she says that she is afraid that it has been growing in Jeremey’s bedroom for a long time and she believes that it is making him sick.

Salinas said, “Jeremey is going to get fully checked out because of all of the respiratory issues he’s had since he’s been there. He’s literally been sick since the first week of school.”

According to the management that works for American Campus Communities, Jeremy and his roommate have been moved to a different apartment in the same complex. The move took place after Jeremey reported the presence of an odd substance in the bedroom of his unit to management. Air-quality experts were brought in to perform tests in Jeremey’s apartment.

Don Albercht, the Vice President for Student Engagement and Success for Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, said that there is, “no indication it’s mold.” He noted, however, that there is, “some indication it’s mildew, and that’s what the testing will prove.” Albercht also said, “We haven’t had any testing that came back and said we have some harmful mold growing anywhere on campus.”

Texas A&M – Corpus Christi is waiting to receive the results of the air quality testing that was performed. Even though the college did arrange to have testing performed, Jeremey’s mother, Adrianne Salinas, decided to take things one step further and hired her own mold specialist. The company she hired swabbed the substance that is growing on the student’s bedroom wall to test it and determine whether or not it is, in fact, mold. Those tests results haven’t been issued yet.

Mold thrives in damp, moist, and dark conditions. Other than poor lighting, the conditions of Jeremey’s apartment were not revealed. However, if it is mold, it can be assumed that the unit has high moisture levels. If that is the case, the source of the moisture will have to be determined.

Indoor mold growth is a big concern. Exposure to the substance is known to cause a number of health issues. Symptoms of mold exposure include runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy skin, watery eyes, headaches, fatigue, and coughing. In severe cases, it can cause respiratory illness.

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