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A mold dispute between a Long Beach landlord and tenant are an important reminder that mold needs to be dealt with immediately

A heated dispute between a landlord and tenant in Long Beach, California has garnered the attention of local news stations and tenants throughout the city. The dispute began when a tenant who resided at 3810 Ocean Blvd kept getting sick. After several tests were run, it was confirmed by doctors that mold spores were the most likely culprit of the discomfort that the tenant was experiencing.

In order to confirm mold spores were the problem, the tenant ordered mold testing in the rental unit and it was confirmed that mold was growing in the unit. The inspector found that mold was growing in the cabinets, walls, and ceilings of the apartment unit. After learning the results, the tenant alerted the property owner and the company that manages the property, but alleges that they failed to take any measure to correct the issue.

When other residents heard about the problem, they decided to arrange to have their apartments tested for mold, too. An additional report confirmed that mold was present on the property.

Four tenants of the apartment complex have filed lawsuits against J-Mar Investments, Walter Watson, and Entourage Property Management. The lawsuit claims that those named failed to provide a habitable dwelling for tenants and that they failed to pay for their relocation expenses so that they could move to a safe location while their apartments were being remediated. The plaintiffs of the lawsuit are seeking damages that are related to their medical bills, lost earnings, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and humiliation.

Overall, the dispute between the tenants and landlord are straightforward, so why did it end up making headlines?

The property owner and the company that manages the property in question are also responsible for another building, which is located at 1 54th Place. A similar problem also unfolded at the 9-unit apartment building.

A tenant of the 1 54th Place building filed a complaint with the landlord, citing the presence of mold, but the landlord failed to respond. When the tenant got sick and had to be hospitalized as a result of mold exposure, the landlord finally agreed to test the apartment for mold. The results of the test were positive.

It can be assumed that the landlord learned from the mistakes that were made at the other building he owns, because when mold growth was confirmed in the 1 54th Place building, he offered to pay for the tenant and her family to stay at a hotel while the mold in her apartment was being remediated.

Everything seemed OK, until additional tenants asked to have their units tested for mold. The results were “inconclusive,” and the property management company issued the tenants a notice to vacate within three days.

Mold Inspection & Testing Los Angeles has vast experience performing mold tests in apartments throughout the area. We strongly urge all landlords to arrange for regular mold testing in their properties to ensure the safety of their tenants. To speak with an MI&T representative, call 424.652.8081.