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The individuals in the area of Kansas City, Missouri that are worried about indoor mold growth damaging their personal belongings and negatively impacting the health of themselves and those around them no longer have to worry as they have a partner in the fight against mold! MI&T offers unbiased Kansas City mold testing without a conflict of interest. Our certified inspectors will answer all the questions that you have about these frustrating problems and find out once and for all whether you have a mold issue or not. Our sample collection offers accurate evidence of exactly what you are breathing in on a daily basis.

We get you answers by conducting mold testing along with a complete visual inspection by our technician. Free mold inspections do not include this service and are quite simply just guessing at what is going on in your home. Air sample collection gives you factual evidence about the current state of your air quality. We can gather samples of air from areas you smell or see something out of the ordinary. If there are small indications of water intrusion on a wall we can do in-wall samples to conclude if there is a issue|problem beneath the surface. Surface sample collection is used when visible mold growth is present. Certain species of fungus are not easily airborne unless disturbed; this includes the {dreaded|feared} toxic black mold stachybotrys. Identifying the species present is crucial in determining whether or not the issue could be handled by yourself or requires professional intervention.

Mold Testing Kansas City

For clients that do have elevated levels of mold in their home, we provide a comprehensive protocol for restoration. This includes a step-by-step procedure for how the remediation should be handled and who should be doing the work. Mold remediation is different than a typical remodeling job. When removing contaminated materials, you are sending thousands of mold spores into the air. For this reason, problem areas should be contained and equipped with an airscrubber while work is being finished. After contaminated materials are removed, walls must be hepa vaccumed and treated with antimicrobial solutions and sealants. These are things that professional remediation companies have the capabilities of doing that a normal handyman would not. If this type of work is attempted by someone without the proper experience, there is a good chance they will only further the air quality issues within the property or business.

When dealing with these types of issues in your house or business, you want to make sure that you hire a company without a conflict of interest. Hiring a Kansas City mold remediation company to finish an inspection is an example of what you don’t want to do. These companies often offer free inspections to get their foot in their door to pitch a larger, more costly job. As we already mentioned, sometimes clients have results that come back with no problem at all or one small enough to be handled on their own. A visual inspection could never tell you these types of details and some mold removal companies would not pass up the opportunity for work by letting you know your concerns are unwarranted.
Here at Mold Inspection & Testing Kansas City we operate under a strict code of ethics. Our inspectors are the best at determining whether or not you have a issue, where the source is, and giving you expert advice on how to remedy it. So if you are worried about your indoor air quality, call the company you can trust at 913-912-4577.


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