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Mold Inspection and Testing

Is Your Company Licensed?

MI&T | Mold Inspection & Testing operates within all state and federal regulations on mold. Unfortunately there are very few states that actually have regulations on who works in this industry and what qualifications are needed in order to offer mold inspection services. Rest assured that we have developed our own criteria to ensure that the technician servicing you most certainly be an expert in the field.


What States Have Mold Licenses?

As of 2016, the only states that require a person to be licensed to perform mold inspections are as follows; Florida, New York and Texas. Each of these states provides education requirements and eventually must pass a state exam in order to obtain a license and offer the service. Of these 3 states, only Texas requires the company itself to be licensed and MI&T is licensed by the state of Texas.


MI&T’s Stance on Mold Regulation

The mold industry is getting bigger and bigger and as evidence continues to mount supporting the negative impact mold can have on one’s health, people are becoming more and more concerned with this type of issue. With any industry that has money exchanging hands, you will have people looking to exploit the situation and taking shortcuts like skipping education, not being insured, etc. MI&T fully supports states increasing regulations on all levels to help consumers avoid scams.