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Mold Inspection and Testing

Home Inspector Found Mold

Home Inspector Found Mold

A very common scenario that we encounter is when a potential buyer has a home inspection performed only to have the inspector indicate that there is “potential mold growth” found at the property. Many people are not pleased when they find out this expert they brought out can not let them know for sure whether or not a problem is present. Unfortunately many general home inspectors avoid getting involved with mold and air testing as they feel it is a liability for them. The good news is that if you are in this situation we most certainly can help you determine whether or not mold is a problem in the home you are considering purchasing.

When making a huge investment like buying a home, you should always make sure you have all your bases covered. Now looking back we are sure that you would have used a home inspector that offered mold testing as an add on service, but whats done is done. The inspector finding potential mold and not being able to indicate the extent of the problem is not the worst case scenario. We say that because widespread mold problems can be covered up temporarily. Most people don’t realize that ridding a property of a mold problem requires cleaning the air with air scrubbers on top of the surface cleaning.

If hired to further investigate the property, our certified mold inspector will look for moisture and visible mold. They’ll also take an inside vs. outside air test to see if elevated conditions exist. We might recommend additional air or surface samples to confirm a problem or see if other ares are effected. After we are finished and have the lab results in hand, we give you a definitive answer on whether or not the home has a mold problem and