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Mold Inspection and Testing

Free Mold Inspection

Free Mold Inspection

 This is a question that we have to answer on a regular basis. While we take pride in helping people and getting them answers to questions they have about mold, MI&T is a business and we need to pay our inspectors to perform this service for you. Alot of restoration companies advertise “free mold inspections” so many people see this and expect the same from us. After reading this, hopefully you will understand the propaganda behind their marketing and why our service is so valuable even though it is not free.

Restoration Companies advertising Free Mold Inspections


 While there are many restoration companies that offer a free inspection that do operate ethically and tell you that you do not have a serious problem, you put yourself at risk for dealing with a company with an ulterior motive. If a business like this is not making money on the inspection process, chances are they are going to try and sell a mold remediation project.


Why Free Mold Inspections are not Sufficient

You can be sure that if you are brining somebody in for a free inspection that they are not planning on taking air or surface samples to submit for testing. Every sample that we take is sent to an independent lab for analysis, this service costs money. Without indoor air quality testing, any inspection is really just a guess at what is happening inside your home or business. The lab results will be clear evidence for you to know that professional mold remediation is or is not necessary. Having these facts at your disposal are especially important if you are dealing with a situation that may ever involve insurance, real estate transactions, or disputes that might end up in legal action.


Bottom Line

This is definitely a situation where you pay for what you get. If you are seriously concerned about indoor mold growth impacting your air quality and causing health problems, skipping the mold testing process is not the best idea. Choosing a testing only company like MI&T or another independent inspector is the best course of action. An quality inspector should be able to save you money by making the area of work as small as possible to make sure no unecessary work is performed. You might not even need professional intervention if the problem is non-existant or small enough that you can handle.

Unless you have experience with mold remediation, we know that you will benefit from spending the extra money to have the experts of MI&T on your side. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 855-600-MOLD. If you live in one of the following metro areas, we can help you.